Arielle Kebbel

Arielle Kebbel is an American actress who is a globally popular actress as well as successful model. Currently aged 32, she was born as Arielle Caroline Kebbel on February 19th in the year 1985 in the picturesque town of Winter park (Florida), United States of America. Apart from professional acting and modelling, she also is a very talented and quite successful singer.

Kebbel's mothers name is Sheri and she belongs to German as well as the English heritage. She is a well known Talent manager and production house owner. Her father on the other hand, has German heritage. Her academic years were spent in her hometown, in Winter garden, where she was admitted in the locally reputed institution, Crenshaw school.

Long before her success as an actress, she struggled as an amateur model and continued to do modelling for a very long time before venturing into Hollywood. As a model, she had great many successes at quite a young age. She was featured in several of the most popular publications like Mens health, FSM, Stuff, Maxim and many more.

Shortly after coming to Los Angeles (California), she became an instant hit. Within few weeks, after several successful auditions, she bagged herself an important role in the globally famous Television series, Gilmore Girls (CWs). After successful first season of the show, it was decided that she would have major as well as recurring roles in third, forth and fifth season as well. The first movie she was casted was Soul Plane, released in the year of 2004.

She played a major supporting role and was casted alongside famous TV personalities like Kevin Hart, Snoop Dog and Tom Arnold. After the overnight success of this movie she started getting offers from various other production houses. She went on to play various roles in several popular movies like Dirty Deeds (released in 2005), The Grudge 2 (released in 2006), John Tucker must die (released in 2006), Soul Plane (released in 2004), Reeker (released in 2005), The Kid and I (released in 2005), Be Cool (released in 2005), Aquamarine (released in 2006), Daydreamer (released in 2007), Forever Strong (released in 2008), The Bros (released in 2006), The Uninvited (released in 2009), Freak Dog (released in 2008), Vampires Suck (released in 2010), Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy (released in 2006), Brooklyn to Manhattan (released in 2010), I Melt With You (released in 2011), Supporting Characters (released in 2012), The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best (released in 2011), Think Like a Man (released in 2012), Fifty Shades Freed (released in 2018), Mardi Gras: Spring Break (released in 2011), and many more.

Currently, Arielle Kebbel happens to own a net worth of Three million American dollars, which, she has earned through consistent hard work, immense passion and unquestionable talent. She continues to pursue her career as a successful model as well as an actress. Starting with a humble beginning, she has reached great heights in the choice of her career and is determined to continue doing so.