Arianne Zucker

Arianne Zucker was born in 1974 and has, today, become a celebrated actress and model across the globe. With a $6 million net worth, Arianne’s acceptance and fame are evidenced by the myriads of followers as it relates to her Instagram account. Apparently, Arianne’s popularity rose after her cast in Days of Our Lives – an NBC sitcom – playing as Nicole Walker making her a household name on America’s TV screen. Also, one can follow her tagged posts on Tumblr.   

Personal Life

Based on Arianne’s biography, it was in Chatsworth that Arianne Zucker’s parents brought her up in. Arianne’s dad does plumbing as his occupation while her mother happens to be a Laboratory Technician. From the information on her Wikipedia bio, Arianne graduated in 1992 from high school – the talented actress schooled at Chatsworth High School. During Arianne’s school days, she was known for her zeal as a team promoter. This perhaps is what has helped build her confidence and self-esteem.

After her graduation from high school, Arianne enrolled at Howard fine studio. While at the studio, Arianne occupied herself with endeavors that went a long way in sharpening her skills. Over time, Arianne has toured several nations including Australia, France, and Japan due to her modeling profession.

While casting in Days of our Lives, Arianne met Brady Kyle Lowder, whom she fell for and later married. She was 6 years older than her then husband at the time they were getting married. However, similar to most celebrity couples, Arianne and Kyle separated. Despite having a girl from their marriage – Isabela Reese – this did not compel them to stop their separation and reunite for their daughter’s benefit. In fact, in 2014, Arianne and Kyle made public of their separation thereby breaking their 12-year marriage.  

According to statistical approximations, Arianne Zucker’s total assets are about $6 million. This shows of how determined Zucker is in establishing her life, especially having abandoned Kyle together with Isabella, their little daughter, at home.         

Career Life

It was from It Models that a scout discovered Arianne’s unique modeling prowess at the age of 16. This marked the beginning of Arianne’s modeling career as she toured the world walking the ramp. The model grasped all the opportunities available by making numerous bookings of both international and national commercials such as McDonald’s and Mazda Miata. It is seemingly true that Arianne’s modeling career reached greater heights in a short timeframe.

With respect to her film career, Arianne kicked of her career by playing in Looking for Bobby D before playing Brenda Collette in CSI: Miami in the year 2002. Her other widely popular works include The Assistant, The Contractor and Life in General. However, of all these features, it was Days of our Lives that gave Arianne an ultimate breakthrough as far as fame and popularity is concerned. Her cast in Days of our Lives saw her interact with the current American President Donald Trump. Trump’s comment to her immediately went viral which spread her fame overboard.