Ann Dustin Wilson

Ann Dustin Wilson born in San Diego, California. Wilson's family settled in Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle, Washington. In 1968, she graduated from Sammamish High School. Wilson father is a Major in U.S Marine Corps. Wilson have a sister named Nancy Wilson. As Wilson love music she joined a local band White Heart in 1970s which changed its name to Hocus Pocus and then in 1974, as “Heart”. In 1973, her sister Nancy joined Hear and the band moved to Canada.

“Heart” released their first album Dreamboat Annie in Vancouver in 1976 in United States which hit the number 35 on the US charts. After that Wilson released albums every year in 1977 “Little Queen”, in 1978 “Dog & Butterfly”. In 1992, Wilson appeared on Alice in Chains EP Sap, She sang “Brother” “Am I Inside” & “Love Song”.

Wilson joined Alan Parsons Producer in 2001 live tribute tour to Beatles music called “A walk Down Abbey Road” In 2006 Wilson released her solo album Hope & Glory on Sep11, 2007. Its version “Immigrant Song” topped as no. 9 as most podcasted song of 2007 on PMC top 10’s annual countdown. In 2012, Wilson sang “The star-Spangled Banner” at the beginning of Thanksgiving Day football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Wilson announced a solo tour “The Ann Wilson Thing” released on September 18, 2015. After that Wilson released the second EP titled “Focus” and released on September 2016.

In 1970s, Wilson was in relationship with Michael Fisher, the manager of Heart and her sister Nance was involved with lead guitarist Roger Fisher, Michael’s Younger brother. In 1979, their relationship ended as Michael had fallen in love with another woman. Wilson adopted her daughter Marie in 1991 and son Dustin in 1998.

As Wilson is bit overweight, she faced lot of pressure from company executives and band members in order to reduce her weight. She stated that she faced stress related panic attacks due to negative publicity around her weight. She undergone a weight loss surgery called “adjustable gastric band” in January 2002 after which she called as lifelong battle with her weight. She revealed her past struggles with cocaine and alcoholism. She also said she has been sober since 2009. Wilson married Dean Wetter in April 2015. They dated in 1980s before rekindling their relationship years later. In March 2017 , Wetter been guilty to assault of Wilson’s nephews.