Anjelica Huston

Born on July 8th, 1951 Anjelica Houston is a well known and accomplished actress, director and she also had a reasonably successful stint as a former fashion model. Over the past 66 years she has been able to create a very prominent place for her both in the small and big screens.

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She has won many awards and many of her performances in the television and the big screen are considered extremely powerful and memorable. These performances have won her accolades from critics and have helped her to have a core and increasing group of supporters and admirers.

She was born in Santa Monica California and she has a good lineage as far as acting is concerned. Her father John Huston was a famous actor and director in his time and her mother was a model and a ballerina. She continues to have a soft corner for Ireland where she spent a significant part of her childhood. As far as personal life is concerned, she lost her mother tragically to a car accident and this made her to shift back to USA with her family.

There are reasons to believe that her personal life was quite interesting. She had a passionate relationship with actor James Fox when she was just eighteen years old. She also dated Bob Richardson who was a photographer. He was senior to her by 23 years and the relationship lasted for more than four years. She also had relationships with Jack Nicholson and Ryan O’Neal. She eventually married Robert Graham who was a sculptor. They lived together in Venice, California till his death in December 2008. They did not have any children out of their marriage.

Her Net Worth

Since she has been in the acting world for so long and also because she was married to a rich sculptor she is quite rich. It is estimated that her net worth would be around $40 million.

Her Career Snapshot

She began her career in the big screen in 1969 when she was just eighteen years old. Her first break came in the movie A Walk with Love and Death where she did the role of a French woman by the name Claudia. Since then she has acted in around fifty two movies and this certainly is a big achievement. Many of her movies have been big hits and have won accolades both from her fans and also critics.

As far as the small screen is concerned, here too her achievements have been quite good. She has acted in eighteen titles starting with Laverne & Shirley in 1982/83. Apart from this she has acted in around sixteen titles and the last one was All Hail King Julien which was for five episodes.

She has won a whopping 20 awards in her acting career which is quite amazing to say the least. Her role in Prizzi’s Honor in 1985 is worth mention because it won her the Best Supporting Actress Oscar award. The win was even more significant because she was one of the rare actresses whose parents and grandparents also had won a similar award.

18 Dec, 2017