Amy Reimann

Amy Reimann ( March 25, 1982) is a renowned American interior designer and a former college cheerleader. She rose to fame in the year 2009 when she started dating Earnhardt Jr., a famous NASCAR driver.

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Early Life

Amy’s date of birth is March 25, 1982. Amy’s parents are Jeffrey Reimann and Anna Reimann. She grew up with her sister Katie in Texas, United States of America.

In terms of education, Amy earned the Bachelors of Arts degree in interior design from the University of Kentucky. During those days, she was a popular college cheerleader and a crucial participant of the campus Wildcat dancers.


After completing graduation, she was appointed as the project coordinator at Wakefield Beasley & Associates- a private architecture & planning company. Amy presently works as a Director of Charlotte Studio at Micamy Design Studio. She joined this position in 2010, and it was a new boost to Reimann’s career. She has also appeared in an advertisement for Mountain Dew-a company that sponsors her husband Dale.

Personal Life

Amy was still in college when she met Tommy Cook and shortly after got married in 2008. However, their married life was short as she started dating Earnhardt Jr. ( October 10, 1974) while she was still married to Cook. Hence the divorce was filed in the same year.

The couple was holidaying in Germany When Dale proposed to her and they got engaged in 2015. The pictures were everywhere on the social media. The wedding was announced in 2016 after Dale won his 14th most popular Driver award. The marriage was a private affair in North Carolina at Richard Childress’ Childress Vineyards of Lexington.

On April 30, 2018, Amy and Dale became parents to a cute baby girl and named her Isla Rose Earnhardt. Their life is no less than a beautiful fairytale.


Amy Reimann’s name became famous in the gossip corners when she began dating Dale. There were rumors that Amy was cheating her then-husband, Tommy Cook. Her father-in-law also accused her of having an extra-marital affair with Dale. However, Cook too has moved on now and everyone is happy in their respective lives.

According to sources, Amy and Dale are a happy couple as of now and they are not getting divorced anytime soon and that’s absolutely amazing.


The couple witnessed a rough phase when Dale got badly injured and diagnosed with having a concussion. Concussions cause dizziness and make people drowsy when they do their routine tasks. His fans were shattered as they could not see their favorite star in the NASCAR 2016 season.

Dale gives Amy all the credits for playing a crucial role in his recovery. She was there for him and helped him deal with the physical and mental trauma. Dale once said ‘Amy could have left me with the hospital staff and stayed back at home enjoying all the wealth but she chose to be there with me all the time helping me do the exercises, motivating and cheering me up’. The beautiful couple got married on the New Year's Eve 2016, soon after Dale’s recovery.

22 Sep, 2018