Amy Brenneman

Amy Brenneman is an American actress who rose to prominence for portraying Amy Gray, a character which was based on her own mother in the drama ‘Judging Army’.

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Personal life

The evergreen actress Amy Brenneman graced the earth on 22th June, 1964 in Connecticut, U.S.A. to parents Russell Langdon Brenneman Jr. and Frederica Joanne. Amy’s mother used to be a judge serving under the Connecticut State Superior Court while her father was an environmental lawyer. Thus, Amy grew up in a wealthy and happy family and never had any record of any familial problems. Her beloved aunt Beryl D. Hines was a journalist during the Cold War period.

Amy Brenneman was brought up by her parents in Glastonbury, Connecticut wherein she took part in acting during her teenage years while she was in school. She also participated in theatre with a local theatre group. Amy was such an erudite personality that she graduated from the prestigious Harvard University with a degree in comparative religion in the year 1987. Her love for theatre could be comprehended by the simple fact that she co-founded a theatre group called ‘Cornerstone Theatre Company’ while she was at Harvard.

Amy Brenneman has had a pretty great love life so far. She married Brad Silberling in 1995 and the couple has so far been blessed with two kids. Amy is a female rights activist besides being a member of the Cornerstone Theater, a theater group which she co-founded during her days at Harvard. She is a strong, independent woman who has enthralled the masses with her charm and grace over the years.


Amy Brenneman is renowned for displaying her versatility in front of the audience with every new performance. She is arguably best known for portraying a divorced mother and a juvenile court judge in the super hit drama series ‘Judging Amy’. Amy has played this role with great intensity and fervor since the show is based on Amy’s mother’s own experiences while she served as a judge in the State of Connecticut Superior Court. Apart from her mother, Amy’s father too was associated with legal matters since he worked as an environmental attorney.

Amy Brenneman has been equally good while enacting in comedy and dramatic films. Her bold and intrepid personality doesn’t deter the comedian within herself to rise when it’s needed. Amy Brenneman has appeared in a number of movies and won many awards during her active years. She appeared on the dramatic comedy series called ‘Middle Ages’ in 1992. She then portrayed Janice Licalsi in the police-based drama series ‘N.Y.P.D. Blue’. She received a lot of limelight for this role and eventually won two Emmy Award nominations as well.

Amy has appeared in a plethora and television series and films. She played the ex-wife of Matthew Modine in ‘Bye Bye, Love’ which was released in 1995. That very year she appeared in a crime thriller ‘Heat’ as the girlfriend of the famous actor Robert De Niro. She then starred in an independent movie ‘Nevada’ which is about a stranger who ends up in a small western town. There is no denying that Amy is quite a talented and versatile actress which is why she has been able to amass a net worth of $16 million.

26 Mar, 2018