Amelia Jackson-Gray


Amelia Jackson-Gray is a British born actress. She has recently appeared in different TV shows like Law and Order and The Mentalist thanks to a her breakout role as Vincent Chase’s love interest in HBO’s award winning show Entourage. Having already built up her credits for her work in a long list of independent films including cult classic ‘Snakes on a train’ in which her performance was praised as “the best thing about the movie”, ‘CRUSH(ED)’ and soon to be released ‘Heartland’ the sassy young actress now takes on a lead role in Hollywood’s first independent 3D movie, Deep Gold, as beautiful villainess and reports, Claire Simmons.

An interview:

In an interview, she was asked about how she got into acting and if that was her dream, they replied that acting is all she have ever wanted to pursue as a career. She fell in love with the craft at a very early age, her grandmother was an actress and so it has always been in her blood. At school she would get involved in every school play she could. She says that it has always been her dream growing up and as an adult.

When she was asked about who her role models are, she said that she loves to look to other actresses she admires when it comes to fashion. She has always admired Kate Bosworth’s and Sienna Miller’s style. She think someone can really find himself in nature and that is essential for any artist.

The challenge:

When she was asked about what she likes the most about her profession, she said that she loves the challenge as an actress to find the truth in each moment someone is involved in a scene, to truly experience something real and honest when playing a character. She continued to say that she loves the magical child part of herself that she experienced growing up. She feels that she get to have that experience every time she acts as a grown up.


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Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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