Amber Theoharis

Amber Theoharis was born in the year 1978 and she is co-host of NFL network at NFL total access. She was born in the city of Salisbury in Maryland of USA. For her education, she attended the Middletown High School in Maryland and then University of Maryland. She finished the school in the year 1996 but there is no information about who are her parents.

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Amber Theoharis is married to Todd Buchler. Together with her husband, they have three children. However, there is no record about the age of their daughter and son. She lives together with her husband at Los Angeles.

According to her biography, Amber Theoharis started her career in the media at Salisbury in Maryland and at WBOC news. She was a host of sports talk at WJZ-FM and a sports reporter at WRC-TV Washington D.C. She started to work at MASN in 2007 where she was a reporter. At MASN, she had other duties which included covering Baltimore Ravens when she hosted Ravens Xtra together with Bruce Laird and Wally Williams.

She was also a reporter during the Orioles Telecasts. In the year 2011, she became well known and her performance gained the respect. She stopped to air at Baltimore Ravens and concentrated more on features and interviews for the Mid-Atlantic Sports Report and blogging. She filled in for Jim Hunter together with Rick Dempsey at O’s Extra.

When she was pregnant, she had to continue working and NFL network had been supportive during the period and they treated her as they treat other employees. She said that she wanted to have a career and wanted to show her daughters that their dreams will not end when they get pregnant. She already has three children and she continues with her career.

She said that when she was still pregnant, the toughest part was travelling. However, she had already two small children and she also had to take good care of her so she was always feeling tired. When she was at home, she would try to do everything as a stay at home mom but at the same time, she had to attend to her job because she is passionate about it. Another problem was working as a studio host since she had to find things that fit and to find the right camera angle. Being there in heels and pregnant, she would feel as if she has her balance off.

How much she makes as a salary and her net worth are not recorded yet. When she stopped to work at MASN, she joined NFL and she was replacing Kara Henderson who worked there for a long period. She worked at the network for Nine years and left to go and to start the family. Theoharis was named once by Forbes to be the most eligible Bachelorette. She can be found at twitter and Instagram accounts.

23 Sep, 2017