Amber Portwood

There are many young and teenaged success stories as far as American film industry is concerned. Many of them have set trends for others to follow. There are many who believe that Amber Portwood could also belong to that category. The actress was born on May 14th, 1990 and within a short period of time she has been able to make her presence felt quite strongly in the film industry. This certainly speaks volumes about her talent and good looks. Hence let us try and look at the minor biography of this actress and understand more about her life and achievements.

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Early Life

Amber was born in a place called Anderson, Indiana. Since her childhood, she has had a fascination to be an actress and has wanted to make Hollywood her dream destination. However her journey was never smooth and she always has had to face many problems in her journey to stardom. However, the actress was highly focused, disciplined and therefore was able to achieve success within a short period of time. Amber is around 5 feet 4 inches tall and she is extremely good looking and attractive.

Personal Life

Since Portwood was extremely good looking, it was quite obvious that she had many boyfriends. She got into a passionate and hot affair with a person by the name Gary Shirley. Though she is not married she has a child out of her relationship with Gary. Amber became a mother when she was just eighteen years old and her child became a big talking point as far as her personal life was concerned.

However, she has been able to take in her stride and she is taking good care of her daughter by the name Leah Leanne Shirley. Amber suffered from some severe bouts of depression and it is believed that she might have even tried committing suicide twice. However, the court has stated that Amber and Gary should not meet each other because they showed acts of violence in front of their child.

Though she is believed to have applied for divorce from her husband nothing much is known about it. It would be pertinent to mention here that Amber Portwood started dating her boy friend when she was just 16 years of age. She is still sought after in the silver screen because of her sexy body and awesome looks. It also has contributed to her success and she also has earned name and fame because of her tattoos.

It is sad that Portwood has spent some time behind bars and she also has been a victim of drug abuse. She was caught abusing substances and was offered a rehabilitation program. Hence she was sentenced to imprisonment for five years. In spite of being highly talented, the actress has been mired in many controversies and this has perhaps not permitted her to live up to her full potential. Though she is of white ethnicity she does not mind mixing with men and women of various ethnicities and backgrounds.


Though Amber Portwood has had a troubled background, her acting career is too obvious to be missed. She has two big and famous titles to her name and they are Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Ironically, the second title may be true as far as her real life is concerned. The fact of the matter is that both the films were extremely well received by her fans and it also has many positive critical acclaims and reviews. She is hopeful of making a comeback sooner than later.

01 Feb, 2018