Alvin Whitney

While many wives have become famous because of the popularity of their husbands, it also has worked the other way round. There are many husbands who have been able to capture the imagination of many thousands of people simply because their wives are hugely successful in their respective fields and professions. We will look at some bits of information about Alvin Whitney. He is the wife of Pam Oliver.

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She was born in the year 1961 and is considered by many to be a famous and well known sportcaster. She is famous for having done quite a bit of journalistic work on the sidelines of NBA (National Basketball Association) and also for various National Football League (NFL) games. In fact it may not be an exaggeration to mention that Alvin Whitney has always preferred to live in the shadows of Pam Oliver. She was an avid sports enthusiast since her childhood and that is the reason as to why she became a good sportscaster over the years. Let us look at the biography of Alvin Whitney and we are sure that most of it will be revolving around Pam Oliver.

Their Early Life

Coming to the personal life of Alvin, it would be pertinent to mention that nothing much is known about it. This is because he was perhaps like many of us until he met and got married to Pam. It would be pertinent to mention here that Whitney has been married to Pam for many years now. He has been her longtime boy friend and their relationship dates back to some twenty five years.

They were into a passionate relationship and their relationship was also very serious. They eventually got married in the presence of many friends and relatives. They have been happily married for many decades now. Whitney has been seen with Pam in many functions and public events and they seem to be extremely happy and their love seems to be genuine and natural.

Alvin does not have a child of his own through his marriage with Pam Oliver. However, he does have three stepchildren. Pam is not perhaps able to give Alvin the luxury of his own child because she suffers from a medical condition known as Uterine Fibroid. There were some rumors about a divorce because of her inability to give a child to Alvin. However, such rumors are unfounded and Alvin Whitney has been an understanding and considerate husband to Pam Oliver.

As far as the career of Alvin Whitney is concerned, there isn’t much of information available. As mentioned above, it has always revolved around Pam Oliver and her career has been his. However he has been the producer of many newscasts which Pam has done and he perhaps manages the finances and business interests of Pam quite efficiently. In fine it would not be out of place to mention that he is extremely happy to see the success of Pam in her career and plays a very supportive role in furthering her career as best as he can.

The net worth of Alvin is not known but here again it is directly related to the net worth of Pam Oliver. Her net worth should be around 4 million U.S Dollars and it is set to go up quite significantly over the next few years because of the news presenting and gathering talent which Pam possesses.

31 Dec, 2017