Alton Brown


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Alton Brown is a famous chef and a well known author. He is 1962 born with birth date as 30th July. Alton enrolled himself at University of Georgia to acquire knowledge about drama. Later, he started his own cooking show and also wrote a book “Good Eats: The Early Years”. Alton’s cooking show was awarded for being the most successful show and apart from Good Eats, he has also written other books which won many awards as well. This successful person is a married man and a father.

Personal Life

Alton Brown’s personal life is not much disclosed, little do we know that he was born to Alton Brown, Sr. who was a media executive by profession and committed suicide in 1974 and his mother got remarried. He then decided his profession as cooking and studied for it. His show “Good Eats” was a big hit and continued for 12 long years. Alton received many awards and a lot of fame through his show. His popularity brought him so many works like expert commentator, judge in other cooking shows. Alton Crawford Brown is of white ethnicity and American nationality. He is living a happy life with his wife and a daughter, Zoey. he got the title "intermittently charming food guru." from New York Times.


Brown started his career with films but his interest in cooking changed his profession. He got success in his field and he receieved many titles and awards. During the beginning, he worked as a cinematographer where he used to see cooking shows and this tells how passionate he was towards cooking!

He was inspired by her mother and started his own cooking show followed by writing his first book “Good Eats: The Early Years”, and the show was awarded with James Beard and Peabody Award. He wrote another book named “I'm Just Here for the Food”. The young chef after his popularity got many opportunities for promotions, ads and for judging food shows. His show was shown on Food Network and he also was responsible for The Next Iron Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen because of his three years contract with Food Network.

His success encouraged him to increase his efforts and be more successful. Step by step and with his new discoveries, he reached where he stands now. His last book “Alton Brown: EveryDayCook” was launched in 2016. Alton’s got his inspiration from his mother as she encouraged him to pursue his dreams. He may not have imagined the position where he has reached! As they sad: hard work never goes waste and the chef cum writer has achieved success with his passion and moral encouragement from his family. The fact that he was a hard worker also helped. He is inspiration to many and he has huge fan following for his work and dedication.

01 Feb, 2018