Alison Stewart

Alison Stewart biography

Alison Stewart was born in the year 1966 and her age is 52 years old. She is an author and journalist of American origins. She became famous when she was the correspondent of MTV News in the year 1990.

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Alison Stewart was born in the city of Glen Ridge of New Jersey. She is a daughter of a senior vice president of Corporate Affairs of Squibb Corporation. It is a pharmaceutical company of Princeton in New Jersey. The mother was teaching biology from Columbia High School of Maplewood in New Jersey.

Stewart went to Brown University and did a Bachelor of Arts degree of American and English literature. She started the career in broadcasting while there. She worked like music director for a radio station at her school.

Alison Stewart Career

Alison Stewart started her career when she was assistant on MTV. She was working like segment producer when he got hired by the MTV News Director named Linda Corradina. She started to report and to produce in the Choose or Lose campaign of MTV. It was covered in the presidential race of 1992. The coverage got her a Peabody Award. She continued to work at the station where she worked for MTV News: Unfiltered and in Megadose.

Stewart joined CBS News, when she left MTV. She was reporting for news program of the net work such as Public Eye With Bryant Gumbel, 48 Hours and CBS News Sunday Morning.

Alison Steqart age and now

Sometime, Alison Stewart was working as newsreader of Today, a Weekend news show of NBC.

Having been born in 1966, her age is 52 years old.

Alison Stewart Husband, Married and Children

Alison Stewart got married to Bill Wolff who was her boyfriend for a long period. He works as a vice president for the prime time program for MSNBC. They met where the two were working at MSNBC. The marriage took place at Cipriani, 23rd Street of New York in 2006. An Episcopal priest was the one to officiate the wedding. He is Rev Dr Leslie C Smith. Her father in law named Dr Gerald Wolff works as staff cardiologist and he is a clinical associate professor for University of Arizona. Carolyn wolff is the mother in law and she is a retired associate general counsel of Anheuser-Busch based in St Louis. With her husband, they have only one child, a son called Isaac Stewart Wolff. He was born in 2008.

Alison Stewart had to travel a lot because of her job. She likes to listen to the Grammar Girl Podcast and she is the fan of Carl Hiassen.

Her net worth is not recorded online yet, but she is believed to have enough net worth. Besides her job, she also do other side hassles at PBS where she gets enough salary. She also earns money from her books since one is sold at 25 dollars.

19 Dec, 2018