Alicia Roman

Alicia Roman is a typical example of a success story that has emerged from modest childhood and is a classic example of what hard work and dedication can do. Her actual date of birth is not known. However, that does not deter us from getting to know more about Alicia Roman and the kind of work that she has been able to put through her entire career. Over the past many years, she has been able to build a successful career as a well known meteorologist and she is a famous and popular face as far as NBC Chicago is concerned.

She is very erudite and clear in her presentation and more important she does look extremely attractive with a stunning figure and the best of facial features. Alicia also has earned name and fame and has become popular amongst her fans because of her ability to offer the most accurate and easily understandable explanations of the weather forecasts at all points of time. She does her research properly and presents the same in a lucid and clear manner. Hence, let us look at her biography is some detail and get to know more about Alicia Roman and the reasons for her success journey.

Early Life

Alicia Roman was born and brought up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania which is situated to the north of Pittsburgh. It would be pertinent to mention here that Alicia was interested in matter related to weather even when she was very young. Therefore her innate talent coupled with her undeniable interest could be the two main reasons for her success at a relatively young age.

Her father was into construction business and it is believed that she would keep asking her father about the weather as he took her along quite a few places. Thus, began the success journey of Alicia Roman. She completed a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Pen State University and additionally Alicia also studied Broadcast Meteorology from The Mississippi State University. Hence there is no doubt that Alicia Roman has interest in weather reporting backed by the required education and knowledge.

Personal Life

Talking about her personal life, it is not very clear whether she is married or not but there are some news items which talk about her imminent marriage. She is in love with Nick Scafiezzo who is a former NBC Chicago staffer. However, there are some news channels which talk about their successful marriage. It is fact that Alicia and Nick have been living together for quite some time and in December 2014, Nick had seemingly proposed to her. The proposal was not followed through because both Alicia and Nick would be happy to concentrate on their work and their future.


Talking about her career, it would be pertinent to mention that Roman is a member of the American Metrological Society. Roman started her work as a journalist and it happened with the WHIZ-TV and it is situated in Ohio in a place called Zanesville. She then move over a number of other media channels including WIS-TV and also has worked for WISH-TV. She is now working for NBC Channel. Alicia is now covering the evening weather reporting spot. Nothing much is known about her net worth.