Alicia Acuna

Alicia Acuna is a well known news correspondent. She is now working for the Fox News Channel. She has been working in this channel since a long time.

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Alicia Acuna grew up in the United States to her parents and grandparents. Her birth year or date could not be derived from any sources. She had no siblings and was the only daughter of her parents. She was pampered a lot by her parents. Both her parents handled their family business so she had to stay with her grandparents most of the time.

She was very close to her grandparents and considered them as her best friends. She belonged from a well to do family and has enjoyed all the luxuries of life. Alicia was sent to a popular school of the town. She used to attend several cultural classes such as dance and drama regularly.

As a student, Alicia was average and her parents were very disappointed at her for this. They always had high expectations from her because she was their only child. Though she was unable to do well in studies, she excelled in other co-curricular activities. Her parents asked her to leave the drama and dance classes as they thought that it distracted her from the studies. She did not want to give up on this and shifted with her grandparents.

According to her, only they understood her and valued her emotions. Alicia, to everyone’s surprise graduated with good marks. She went to the university to study a major in journalism. As she could not manage to do anything good with her passion, she opted for journalism. She wanted to work with people and create her own identity. Her parents asked her to join their family business but she denied as she had no interest in it.

Alicia Acuna joined a small channel initially after completing her education. She served there as an intern and received no salary during the initial days of her work for two to three months. After that, in the year 1997, she joined the CNN news channel. She was appointed as the assistant journalist of the channel. She used to assist the senior journalist of the channel. She collected some local news for the news for the channel during her initial training months. She was one of the efficient trainee in the office.

She was one of the favourite employees of her seniors and was the first one who was promoted as a permanent employee of the channel. She has received several promotions in her career till now. Along with that, she has also received several awards and nominations for being an efficient employee as confirmed from her biography.

Coming to Alicia’s personal life, she imparts the role of a home maker very efficiently. She balances both her professional and personal life simultaneously with great management skills. She got married to her present husband after dating him for five long years. The couple is now leading a happy marital life with their children and there is no news of their divorce till now.

31 Dec, 2017