Alexandra Wilson

Alex Wilson is a beautiful lady who is currently working as a meteorologist at The Weather Channel. She loves traveling around the world for her tv show. Biography Alex Wilson’s real name is Alexandria Alex Wilson. Alex was born in city of Macungie in the state of Pennsylvania. Her father was a cook and her mother was a flower seller. Alex was born on 10th November 1983 and is currently 34 years of age. Her ethnicity is white and her nationality is American. Alex has one sibling.

Alex wilson has got a great height of five feet and seven inches. Alex has got great thighs. Alex has got a splendid figure of 36 28 36. Alex’s hair colour is blonde and her eye colour is black.

Personal life

Alex completed her high school from Nosegay public school. She completed her graduation from Pennsylvania state university. Alex also possess a degree in broadcast meteorologist. As a child, Alex loved rainy season and spring. She quoted in an interview that she loved the smell of flowers that bloomed in the spring season. Her main reason for becoming a meteorologist was her love for the weather. Alex also loved listening to jazz music. She also had a keen interest in art. She was a very talented girl from her childhood. Alex was good in sports as well. She was the captain of her college Volleyball team. Alex was also a part of her college basketball team. Her favourite actor is Al pacino and her favourite singer is Michael Jackson. Alex is also a great piano player.

Alex’ dating life has always been a mystery. Alex was never spotted with anyone other than her family friends. She is unmarried and has no plans of getting married in the future. She has one younger brother. When asked about her future, Alex said that she would love to adopt a child in future. Currently she is single and nothing much is known about her life. She never shares information about herself or her family with the media.


Alex started her career as a meteorologist in WHMS-TV.Alex worked with WHMS-TV for around three years. She then joined The Weather Channel and is currently working there. She hosts the program Lovely mornings along with her co-star Dave Schwartz. Alex also is a co producer of her show Lovely Mornings. Alex also is a volunteer in the social community that helps the women who are molested. She also is a part of community that fights against global warming. Net worth Alex’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 million us dollars. She is also earning handsomely with her tv show. She earned her property by her Tv shows and her production. Alex is also a great poker player.

Social media

Alex is quite active on social media. Her twitter page has got around 5000 followers. Her twitter username is @Alexwilson. Her facebook username is @Alexwilson. Her instagram page has got around 3000 followers. Her instagram username is @Alexwilson.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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