Alex Trebek

George Alexander Trebek is an artist who is very popular in Canada and USA. He is a renowned actor, game show host, and a television artist.

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Personal Life

George was born on the 22nd of July 1940 in Ontario, Canada. He was born to a Ukrainian chef George Edward Trebek, who had migrated to Canada, when he was a child. Trebek's mother was a French woman residing in Canada. Terek was thus brought up in a bilingual household, acquiring first-hand knowledge of both French and English. He graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1961. He opted for Philosophy as his major and was also a member of the English debating society of his University.

George was initially married to Elaine Called in 1974, but their marital bliss ended in divorce in 1981. He again found love and married Jean Currivan in 1990 They both have 2 offsprings, Matthew and Emily. Another feather to his cap is his presence as an Olympic Torch Runner in 1996 .


George Alexander Trebek has a huge career span. He started his career as a host for the show Music Pop in 1963 for a Canadian channel. He hosted many game shoes for CBC from 1967 to 1970. His Television career started with a Canadian show named Strategy.

George's career underwent a huge change when he shifted to the USA in the year 1973. He reached his zenith after being attached to NBC. Some of the prime time game shows he hosted are High Rollers, Wizar of Odds, Jeopardy etc. High Rollers and Jeopardy are some of the renowned game shows of American Television.

George holds a world record for hosting the maximum number of game shows. The television artist further went on to work with stalwarts such as Jimmy Perry, both for American and Canadian game shows. George also carved a niche for himself in the arena of commercials and television series. He is often seen making guest appearances for shows such as How I Met Your Mother.

Geroge's sheer drudgery and talent have been widely acclaimed. He has won many awards for his most appreciated work Jeopardy. Apart from that, he has been widely recognized by Emmy Awards jury. His has received a star on Canada Walk of Fame and Hollywood Walk of Fame as well.

01 Nov, 2018