Born on January 3rd, 1989 Alex Linz is a popular actor from America who has been able to make quite a bit of impression by becoming a much liked person as far as the silver screen and small screen is concerned. He made his presence felt strongly in the early 1990 and 2000s by acting in a number of films. However, after 2007 he has not been very active and therefore if we are look at his biography as a film personality we have to talk only about his roles between 1990 and 2007. Though his tenure as a film actor was short, he has been able to achieve quite a bit in this short period.

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Early Life

Alex Linz was born in Santa Barbara, California. His parents were Deborah Baltaxe (mother). She was an attorney and his father’s name is Dr. Daniel Linz, who worked in the University Of California as a Professor specializing in Communication. His parents are not together and therefore he had to spend a significant part of his with his mother. His mother is of French-Austrian Jewish descent while his father was of German descent. He did his schooling from Alexander Hamilton High School which is located in Los Angeles and completed his graduation from University Of California, Berkley. He worked in various fields in various capacities before he was able to carve a good career for himself in films.

Personal Life

Nothing much is known about his personal life because of various reasons. One reason could be the fact that he has stopped acting more than 10 years ago. He rather now prefers to concentrate on his other areas including academics. Hence, he has nothing much to show about his affairs with women in his life. Hence it is better left that way. He is still young at 28 years ago and therefore there will be many occasions to look into these aspects of life.

Net Worth

His net worth should be around $400,000 and though this might look small compared to others there is no doubt that it will not to be too long before the net worth increases as he prepares himself for the second innings in the film and entertainment industry.

09 Jan, 2018