Alan Keyes’ Biography

Alan Keyes is born on August 7, 1950, in Long Island, New York City. Alan is a known political activist. Alan’s mother, Gerthina, is a teacher while his father, Allison Keyes, was a US Army Sergeant. Alan is the fifth child of the couple.

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Alan attended Cornell University for his high school, where he became part of the University’s Glee Club. The young Alan left Cornell High School to avail of the study abroad program in Paris for a year. In 1972, Alan completed his BA in Government Affairs from Harvard University and graduated magna cum laude. Alan continued taking the graduate program in government study in 1979 he earned her doctorate the same university.

Since his father is an army, he spent most of his childhood in army bases.


 Alan’s wife and family

Alan was married to Jocelyn Marcel Keyes. The couple had one daughter, Maya and two sons, Andrew and Francis. Jocelyn was from Calcutta India. Alan met her when he was assigned to the Mumbai consulate. The Family is a traditional Catholic making Alan a third-degree Knight of Columbus.

Maya, Alan’s only daughter, came out one day in public and was reported to be a lesbian in 2015. It was said that alan and his wife Jocelyn kicked out Maya because of her sexual preference and even cut their financial support. However later, Alan denied the allegations.


 Alan’s Career and Net Worth


Before he completed his doctorate program, Alan worked in the Department of State and was assigned in Mumbai to the consulate of the said place in 1979. A year after, he was assigned to Zimbabwe.

In 1983, Alan was appointed as Ambassador to the UNESCO by the then President Ronald Reagan. From 1985 to 1987, he was posted for International Organization as Assistance Secretary of the State. Alan also serves on National Security Council. In continuing his government service, Alan became the president of CAGW form 1989 to 1991. Alan then founded National Taxpayers' Action Day of CAGW. In 1991, the service for Alabama A&M University as Interim President.

During the Reagen Administration, Alan was selected as deputy chairman in the 1984 World Population Conference held in Mexico City.

In 1988, Alan ran for Senate under Maryland Republican Party and garnered 38 percent of the state’s vote. It then followed another United State Senate post. Alan, in 1996 and 2000, took his luck for the presidential election but were unsuccessful.

In 2004 election, he was given the opportunity to again consider Senate post for Illinois Republican Party against Democratic state senator Obama. Alan again ran for president with the encouragement of a political action committee.

As of 2018, Alan’s net worth is yet to revealed.


Is Alan Keyes Supporting Donald Trump?

In the most recent presidential election, Alan refused to support Donald Trump. In an interview with CP Politics, he refers to Trump as the “Glamour of Evil.” Alan opposes the claim of Trump that he is a conservative Christian. Alan reminded the conservatives to pay attention to Trump’s record and called him a leftist Democrat.


22 Nov, 2018