Alaina Mathers

Alaina Mathers is a daughter of Eminem who was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III in the year 1972. Even if Eminem talked about his biography in the films and albums, he still keeps hidden some parts of his personal life. Some people are now aware of his daughters that live with him and one of them is Alaina Marie Mathers. Some agree that she is Lainey who appeared in the song lyrics of Eminem. However, their relationship was not been always good and it was stranger for the rapper to have her in his home.

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Alaina was born in the year 1993 and she is over 20 years now. When she was born, she was not called Alaina but she was registered as Amanda Marie Scott. When Eminem adopted her, he changed the name to become Alaina and he also nicknames her Lainey.

She was born to a twin mother. The biological mother of Alaina called Kimberly Scott was a twin to Dawn Scott. The mother grew up in the state of Michigan where they were exposed to poverty. The mother is known to have dependency on drugs and she was doing narcotics such as heroin. This is one of the reasons Eminem was given the custody of the girl. Dawn Scott died because of an overdose in their city in Michigan. It was near the place Kim and Eminem grew up.

When it comes to her personal life Alaina Mathers, has already two sisters from Eminem and the three are named Eminem’s Daughter. The first daughter who was recognized to be biological daughter of Eminem was Hailie Jade Scott Mathers who was born in the year 1995. Eminem was married to Scott since 1999 up to 2001 and then they got married again in the year 2006. The two marriages ended in the divorces.

Another daughter was Whitney Scott Mathers, a daughter of Kimberly Scott born from a relationship she had with Eric Hatter. Alaina is also another daughter of Kimberly and Eminem got the custody of three of them and is raising them as his own daughters. In the family, there is also the half brother of Eminem called Nathan Kane Samara who was born from Eminem mother Deborah. He is a rapper and he lives with Eminem and the three daughters.

Alaina Mathers is known to be spoilt with other children since Eminem is devoted to them. At one time, it was rumored that Eminem spent 375,000 dollars, a necklace for her three daughters.

Alaina Mathers’s career is not known to the public and her net worth is not disclosed. However, the net worth of Eminem is 170 million dollars which shows that the family is living comfortably. Up to now, it is not clear if Alaina has a boyfriend or not since nothing has been reported yet and her private life is kept away of the public.

31 Dec, 2017