Adam Zucker

Adam Zucker is known as a famous television sportscaster. He focuses on the sports news and also hosts several shows.

Personal life

Adam Zucker was born in Mountain Lakes. The information regarding Adam’s exact birth date or year is not given in his biography. He grew up in a Jewish family with his two siblings. Adam was the eldest of all and shared a very strong bond with his siblings. Adam’s mother was a professional dancer and his father worked as a business manager in a reputed company. Though Adam could not enjoy his life in a luxurious way, he did not even face any hurdles in his growing up period.

Adam was sent to the Mountain Lakes High School, which is one of the popular schools in the town. Adam had a keen interest towards sports from his early child. He did not bind his interest to one sport only and showed great excellence in several sports like baseball, basketball, football and many more. Adam also went to see golf tournaments with his father on his vacations or weekdays. He was also the captain of the football team of his school.

Adam’s father always encouraged him to follow his passion while his mother wanted him to be a part of the glamour industry. Adam hardly had any interest towards the glamour industry so his mother did not force him. Adam wanted to pursue sports as his career but when he was only ten years old, he fell from the stairs and got a major back injury.

After this injury, Adam was restricted from playing any game which would cause strain in his hip bone. Adam was highly depressed and completely gave up on his dreams when his father told him about the profession of a sportscaster which would keep him in touch with sports. This fact rejoiced him and he set his goal to become a sportscaster. He went to the Syracuse University to pursue a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism.


Initially, Adam used to serve as a lifeline reporter in the College Sports Television. He used to cover several sports hosted in high schools and colleges. Adam has also worked as sports anchor with the Syracuse Radio Network. After gaining some experience, Adam changed his job and has served as a news anchor in WBRE-TV. He left the job after a few months as he was not offered a promotion. Next, he joined the WTVH-TV as a sports reporter. He also hosted some of their sports programs.

Now, he works for the CBS Sports Network as a sports anchor and also as a sports reporter. Adam especially covers the news of the sports like baseball, football and basketball. He has been a loyal employee of the channel since the year 2003. Adam hosts two sports shows for the CBS Television, Inside College Basketball and Home Football. Adam’s career graph and his high net worth stands as the proof of his success. Adam shares his personal life on the social media and he is now married to his present wife, Rachel. He also has two children from her.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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