Abby Chin is a renowned journalist of the industry. She is very successful in her career and is now working for a renowned news channel. She is quite established in her career and has achieved every goal in her career.

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Abby Chin was born in the year 1982. The exact date of her birth was not exactly known. She does not share much information with the media regarding her personal life. We could only derive the fact that she was born in the United States to her single mother. She was brought up by her mother alone. She has never met or knew who her father is as her mother got separated before her birth. It was very hard for her mother to bring her up alone. Her mother did a few part time jobs to provide her with a good lifestyle but she failed to do so.

When Abby was five years old, her mother got involved in an affair. A year or two later, her mother shifted with her boyfriend. She had to go with her mother and start living with her step father. She never knew how having a father felt like and she developed a very strong bond with her step father.

She did not have to listen to her friends who used to tease her for not having a father. Her step father never discriminated her as a step daughter and took care of her. She was not very brilliant as a student and her parents never forced her to excel in studies. They always supported her and valued her emotions.

She was even dropped out the school in her high school. She took education at home and completed her graduation. After that, she decided to study journalism. She always wanted to do something for the people and in this way! Abby was able to stay close to the people. She is now working as a successful journalist in a news channel. She does not share much information about her personal life and prefers to keep it a secret from the spotlight of the media.

31 Dec, 2017