Ab Stoddard

A.B. Stoddard is one of the most renowned and top journalists in the United States who is currently working as an associate editor for the Real Clear Politics news assemblage based in Chicago.

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Personal Life

According to her biography, A.B. Stoddard took birth in the town Chevy Chase of the state Maryland on the date 30th March 1967 which makes her an American national by birth. She was given the name Alexandra Brandon Stoddard at the time of her birth by her parents, Alexandra and Brandon Stoddard. She grew up in Maryland along with her sister Brooke Stoddard.

She comes from a family of extremely literate and affluent parents where her mother is a famous author while working as an interior designer and her father is the retired president of the prestigious company ABC Entertainment. She received inspiration to join the journalism business from her parents as they supported her career choice.

She received her degree in journalism from the Connecticut College in the year 1989 when she graduated from there. She came to marry Peter Scott Roberson in the year of 1997 after dating him for almost 3 years. They have no children together as a couple.

She keeps her private life away from the media’s spotlight and doesn’t talk about her marriage publically and that is the reason there are no rumours including her or her husband. She has recently joined Twitter in the year 2016 to share her opinions addressing various social issues but before that, she was unnoticeable in the stream of social media.


A.B. Stoddard was determined to pursue a career in journalism after being inspired by the intellect of her parents. After she completed her graduation she took a job as a reporter at the Potomac News, based in north part of Virginia, for a very short amount of time. She got her first official job at “The Hill” which is one of the topmost newspapers in the country to work as a reporter in their congressional section and she did the job from 1995 to 1999.

After that, she did a producing job at “World News Tonight” from the year 1999 to 2002. She has worked for ABC news also in the past and has offered her help in covering the US Senate. She is an extremely talented and gifted reporter and she has won many awards like the Dateline Awards in the category of “Weekly Newspaper-Editorial, Columns, Commentary”.

These awards are sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists situated in Washington DC and she became the winner of them in the year of 2009 and 2011 as her articles were commendably written with meticulous precision offering new ideas to the public. She reached the finals of the awards for the year 2012 after writing an article on Obama’s presidency.

She is a reputed member of the political committee of Fox News and does guest commentary on the show “Special Report with Bret Baier”. In 2012, she was offered a job to become the columnist by Real Clear Politics and she has been working there since then as their associate editor. Her net worth is not disclosed by her associates as she keeps her life private.

17 Feb, 2018