Taylor Nicole

Taylor Nicole Dean, born on 25th March 1997, has been a U.S. YouTube star and animal enthusiast. She has created contents about animals educating people how to look after pets. She has garnered much name and fame from her videos about pet care. Taylor’s YouTube channel has over one million subscribers. She is particularly famous for educating her followers to care and look after such animals as geckos, seahorses, and hedgehogs.

Personal Life

According to Taylor Dean wiki, she took birth in San Antonio, Texas, USA. She spent her early life in Miami, Florida. The names of her father and mother are Matt Dean and Jennifer Dean respectively. Taylor has two siblings: a younger brother and an elder brother. The elder brother’s name is Justin Dean, but her younger brother’s name is unknown. She lives with her parents and siblings in Miami. Taylor comes from a family which is small but well-mannered. Taylor studied in the O’Connor High School. Thereafter, she joined the Texas Connections Academy and passed grade 12. She also studied at the University of Florida from where she did her double major in psychology and biology. She has also obtained minor in disabilities and geography. Taylor dreamt of becoming a surgeon in her childhood days.

Taylor has not married as yet but she has a boyfriend. Perhaps being just 21 years of age, she has not thought about it so far. However, she has been dating a popular and famous singer named Jonny Craig since 2017. Since she has not married as yet, she has not divorced anyone.


Taylor has been an animal enthusiast since the beginning of her career and it continues to be the same by now. Taylor made her presence felt on social media by creating her Twitter account in September 2012. She created her own YouTube channel on 24th April 2015 when she was just 19. She commands more than 1.3 million subscribers for the channel. Taylor, the celebrity, has already posted her viral as well as famous videos such as I Tried to Bathe All My Pets, Newborn Pets and a New Apartment, From Zero Snakes to Six Meet All My Snakes, I Cloned My Fish, Pet Baby Dragons, Dealing with Ich, Purchased Halloween Costumes for my Pets, Five New Pets in One Weekend, and Why Does My Hedgehog Hate Me to name just a few. Taylor has created her second channel named Taylor Dean Vlogs in the year 2017.

Taylor has also been famous for collecting numerous animals such as cats, alligators, hedgehogs, and snakes to name just a few. She loves animals, especially those who are not domesticated. She has garnered a huge following on Instagram and Twitter owing to her devotion and penchant for animals. People are curious to see the pictures of these unique animals on social media sites. She has declared herself to be the pet mom which shows her interest in animals.

Taylor is not reported to have won any awards so far. As per her biography, Taylor’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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