Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss is known as an American actress. She is most famous for her roles in 'Mad Men' and 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

Background and Age

Elisabeth Moss was born on July 24, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. She was born to musicians Ron, a jazz artist and supervisor, and Linda, who plays blues harmonica. She exceeded expectations at school and her preferred youth diversion was playing "library", a game that included her stacking books on the staircase and reading them to her folks. Experiencing childhood in a the entertainment biz family, Moss says she constantly needed to be a performer. She made her professional acting presentation at six years old in the TV miniseries Lucky Chances.

Career and Net Worth

At 16, Moss handled a role opposite Oscar-winning Angelina Jolie in the film Girl, Interrupted. Moss was so persuading as Polly, an adolescent drug addict casualty, that all through taping costar Whoopi Goldberg accepted she was a genuine drug addict enlisted to fill the role.

Moss handled her big break on the AMC series Mad Men in 2007. The show is set in mid 1960s New York City and focuses around the workers of Sterling Cooper, a promoting marketing office on Madison ("Mad") Avenue. Moss plays Peggy Olson, a secretary-turned-copywriter who requests equity with the show's overwhelming male characters. Moss earned wide recognition for her depiction of Peggy. During her time on Mad Men, Moss earned a few Emmy and Golden Globe grant nominations for her work on the show, including a 2015 Emmy nomination for Lead Actress in a Drama. The series delighted in extraordinary praise all through its run, winning various Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

In 2017, the actress started featuring in the Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale, an adaptation of Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel about a tragic future wherein ladies serve an absolutist system as kid bearing vessels. Moss's performance as Offred, a surrogate endeavoring to recover freedom, attracted watchers to one of the year's most acclaimed programs, prompting Emmy and Golden Globe wins for her work. Moss appeared to be anxious to find how fans would deal with the events of the new season, disclosing to The Hollywood Reporter after a screening of its debut that she was there to watch the crowd react to the last scene.

In August 2019, a new film called The Kitchen was released in theaters. Moss plays the role of Claire Walsh.

Marriage, Husband and Kids

In 2009 Moss married musician and Saturday Night Live member, Fred Armisen. The two had met the prior year when Mad Men costar Jon Hamm hosted Saturday Night Live and Moss went along with him for a few sketches. However, after only eight months of marriage, Moss and Armisen split ways.

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