Carly Chaikin

Carly Hannah Chaikin was born on March 26, 1990 in Santa Monica, California. She is a jewish. Her parents are doctors. Her father served as a cardiologist while her mother is a physiotherapist. She attended The Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles. From her early childhood she was pretty active girl and during her school years she played such sports, like volleyball, softball, basketball as well as a soccer. She had a dream to become an actress since the age of 11.

She started her career as an actress in the 2009, when she played the role of Veronica in the movie “The Consultants”. Another big step in a movie industry was, when she starred along with famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus in the movie “The Last Song”, which was released in the 2010. She also played in the 2012 independentproject “My Uncle Rafael” starring the actor John Michael Higgins.

Additionally to her big screen career, she joined the cast as Dalia Oprah Royce in the ABC sitcom “Suburgatory” in the 2011. She played along with Jeremy Sisto and Cheryl Hines.Carly played Dalia character, who was the mean girl to Jane Levy's Tessa. In addition to this work she also wrote a series of very interesting articles as her character, Dalia, for the magazine “Parade”. She also was honored with a nomination with the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

She also tried herself as a screenwriter and producer for several short films. She has made such motion pictures like “Happy Fucking Birthday”, and “Nowhere to Go”, which in fact, was honored at the First Glance Film Festival in the 2013. In the 2014 she became the cast member for the TV series, “Mr. Robot”. She performed a programmer named Darlene, who is a part of the fsociety group who writes malicious rootkit code for the robot. In the next year she appeared on a TV show, “Maron”, with a role of Tina, who was a college teaching assistant. Despite the short career, she is very talented and collects more and more positive reviews of film critics.

She has maintained to keep her profile very low so there is no any more information found relating to her personal life. Therefore, no information is available regarding her current dating status, affair, and information about the breakup with her partner. In her spare time, she finds herself as a painter. She is a tattoo enthusiast and has 11 tattoos on her body. She also is an active person in charity and usually helped to charitable organization National Alliance on Mental Illness.

She is available in the social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram where she shares her funny pictures and his updates. Her skills have given her a successful career and well paid salary. As she has been earning a lucrative amount of salary, her net worth is expected to be around $1 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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