The 8 most dangerous women in the world (Part 2)

4. Maria Leon.

Maria Leon was mother of 13 kids, something that required patience, stamina and total discipline in order to keep them from turning everything upside down. She managed to go up the ladder and become leader of a criminal organization that dealt with drugs, assassinations, frauds, money laundering, and human trafficking. She herself had the support of some of the most dangerous Mexican gangs and cartels and that’s more or less how she created a fortune worth millions of dollars. In 2008 one of her sons died in gunfight with the police and Maria was forced to abandon her undercover residence in order to be in the USA. There was an operation organized that involved the participation of the biggest Mexican cartels, in order to get Maria across the borders undercover. However the police was watching closely every step and ultimately managed to arrest Maria.

3. Maria Licciardi.

Maria Licciardi was wife to one of the most important Mafiosi in Napoli and the head of the “family business” for 8 years, before she got arrested in 2001. Maria was the first woman to get in charge of the Mafia in her territory something that she decided to do after her husband and her two brothers were busted. In fact, she was known as the Godmother because she had in her control all the drug dealing and human trafficking around in the area. In 1999 her ruling came to an end, when she disagreed about the quality of heroin that was about to be exported to the market with another criminal organization, the Lo Russo. Maria supported that this quality would kill her clients, something that turned out to be true, and that is how the police found her trails and finally arrested her.

2. Rosetta Cutolo.

Rosetta Cutolo is the sister of Raffaele Cutolo, ex leader of Camorra. Because her brother went through the biggest part of his life locked behind bars, she was the only one he could trust and that’s how she ended up taking over the leadership. Rosetta lived in the “CastelloMediceo”, a castle dating back to the 16th century. However her ruling in the castle ended in 1980, when she ordered the local police department to be blown up. The police started a manhunt and Rosetta was forced to live the castle. Eventually they managed to bring her to justice in 1993 when she turned herself in as she was tired of travelling and constantly hiding. Rosetta claimed that she was innocent, something that got her only 9 years of jail.

1. RafaellaD’Alterio.

Raffaela D’Alterio became the leader of Camorra when her husband, Nicola Pianese was murdered. She was arrested in 2012 and in her villa the police found cars worth of 10 million dollars. Among those cars the was a Ferrari with golden plates! Some of Raffaella’s daily activities were drugs dealing, money laundering, financial frauds and human trafficking. It is estimated that she possesses an extraordinary fortune as her annual income reached the 200 billion dollars.

As you can see all of the woman above have more than one thing in common. In most cases a person close to them (usually a husband) was murdered and they had to take up the leadership. Also they all made tons and tons of money. But there’s only one most common thing in all of the cases above. They got caught.

Last Modified: Mar 25, 2019