The 8 most dangerous women in the world (Part 1)

The world is a big place, where everything is possible. We often read about notorious criminals and dangerous gangs whose members are usually men. However we rarely refer on the criminal nature of women. We’re talking about those women that not only aren’t afraid to do things their own way, but also keep themselves busy with a series of criminal acts and businesses.

Below are the names of the 10 most dangerous women in the whole world.

8. Sandra Avila Beltran

Sandra Avila Beltran was born in October 1960 kai she declared herself “Queen of the Pacific Ocean”. Within a few years she managed to become the head of the Mexican drugs cartel and gain a fortune of millions. Sandra got married twice and both times were with police officers who were murdered by paid assassins. Can you guess who paid them? Correct, Sandra did! And even though she was very good at covering her trace, she gave herself away when her son was abducted and she had to pay 5 million dollars for his release. That way, Sandra was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and money laundering as there were no clues to charge her with drugs trafficking.

7. Claudia Ochoa Felix.

Claudia Ochoa Felix is also known as the Kardashian of the organized crime, thanks to her impressive appearance and her obsession with Instagram. In 2014 rumours had it that she managed to become leader of a gang called Las Antrax which responsible for savage murders of dozens of humans. At the same time, the American authorities have repeatedly reported that this gang is the best organized and the most powerful when it comes to human trafficking in global level! Felix inherited her place in the gang from her boyfriend, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga aka “El Chino”, when he was arrested and had to choose someone to take his place.

6.Judy Moran.

Judy Moran was born in December 18th 1944 and she was the “mother” of a gang called Moran that was based in Melbourne, Australia. The gang managed to establish a good name in the organized crime industry. Police and civilians were afraid of the name. In 1982 Judy’s husband was killed in an ambush set by his rivals, while her son was murdered in 2000 leaving no one else but her to take the wheel of this “profitable business”. She was arrested in 2009 for the murder of a member of the gang who happened to be her niece.

5. Thelma Wright.

Thelma’s husband was one of the most popular drug dealers in Philadelphia and he was murdered in 1986, resulting in Thelma becoming the leader of the gang. In fact, she expanded the business and started drug dealing in Los Angeles. In the “good old days” the gang’s income was more than 400,000 dollars per day. However Thelma Wright decided to walk away from that lifestyle in 1991 when she was ambushed and nearly lost her life and her son as well. In 2011 she published her first book where she tries to keep away all new criminals from the criminal life.

Last Modified: Mar 25, 2019