Summer Destinations Part 2

Here is the second part of the list with the best Island-cities that you definitely need to visit – at least one – before summer is over.

Trogir, Croatia, Adriatic                                                                                              

Trogir is an island-city close to Split city and what’s so special about this island is that it has one of the best preserved middle age cities in the whole Europe. Small roads made out of stone, are everywhere on the island-city, maintaining an aura that takes you many centuries back. Some lead you to galleries and traditional restaurants that catches the tourists’ attention. There is also a littoral road that surrounds the whole city and leads to many cute isolated ports. A great combination of romance and gothic architecture, this island is proud of its cathedral temple of St. Lawrence as well as its famous fortress that stands still since the middle age.

Flores, Guatemala

The island Flores is located in the lake Petén Itzá and it is connected to land with an overhead path. The island was the last free bastion of the Maya civilization before it was taken by Hispanic conquerors. The centre of the city, Noh Petén, was destroyed in 1697, when the Spanish attacked with ships and boats. This island holds a great deal of culture and if you care to find the right people and places, you might hear some great stories!

Malé, Maldives

Malé is the capital of the crowded capital of Maldives island group. Confusing huh? Over 100,000 residents currently live on the island and given that there no other city nearby, everything is gathered there. The water is provided by water desalination systems, while all the electricity is produced by diesel generators. Also all the waste and litter is taken to other non-residential islands and due to all the above, the airport is built to a different island. At this point, you might be wondering why on earth would somebody go to a place like that as a tourist, correct? Well if that is the case, then you’d be surprised to know that Male is famous for its marketplace (many tropical goods) and, since it is the most central city of the whole island group, it has the best and most wonderful nightlife, with countless activities offered, from water sports to extreme clubbing.

Venice, Italy

We might have left this island-city last but it was only because it is the most famous of all the above thus the most known. Still, Venice is worldwide known for its channels as the city is built on a group 1,177 islands that communicate with each other with 445 bridges! The transportation on this island is done mostly by gondolas – a Italian type of boat – that offers the tourists a marvellous experience to see the whole city onboard. However, the city is in danger as the last 100 years there is a reported immersion of 24cm. The government seems to have taken its measures with a program called MOSE, but it is still unknown whether it will work or not, once mother-nature starts avenging! So you might want to consider Venice as one of your first destinations, before you have to wear scuba diving equipment to visit it.

To sum it up, if you’re looking to combine, sightseeing, great history and culture, stories from the old days, and things that you can’t find in many other places, then book your tickets to one of the destinations we give you above (don’t forget to also read Part 1). Have a happy vacation!

Last Modified: Mar 26, 2019