Summer Destinations Part 1

Summer is officially here. No one can deny it. And while some prefer to get lazy on their houses, others have started already looking for the top summer destinations. And of course the best summer destinations are the ones with beautiful bitches nearby, right? But we won’t talk about the same well known exotic islands that all of us have already read about so many times.

For a start we have for you a list of the best Island-cities that you definitely need to visit – at least one – before summer is over and you have to wait a whole year again. And you have to admit it, summer tends to pass by pretty fast!

Lindau, BavariaLindau is the only island of Bavaria. It is located southwest of Monaco, surrounded by Austria, a part of Germany and Switzerland. It is connected to land with a bridge and a rail network while the residents are roughly 3,000. The island has maintained many elements of old culture and tradition. There, you can walk around the old narrow streets or take pictures of wooden buildings that date back to the Middle Ages. Lindau is one of the most popular travel destinations and it’s included to the list of the book “1,000 places to see before you die” (the original title is “1000 sitios que ver antes de morir” and the author is Patricia Schulz).

Santa Cruz delIslote, Caribbean

A little and somewhat isolated island in the shores of Colombia in Caribbean, the Santa Cruz del Islote possesses an important record: It is the most populated island in the world, proportionally with is size. In 10 acres, which is actually the island’s range, there 90 houses built and more 1,200 people that live in them. Due to its limited range, there is no room to build a cemetery which is why the dead are buried on another island across the Santa Cruz del Islote. And of course as you can imagine there is also no room for entertainment facilities. For instance, the residents of the island, play soccer at a different island across this one (not the one that they bury the dead though) called Mucura key. The only available square on the Santa Cruz del Islote is at the size of half a tennis court. Now you might be wondering why someone would visit such an island. Well, for a start the island still has breath taking bitches and the people are very warm. Also some of you may just want to go out of curiosity, to find out how it feels like to live in such a crowded yet small area. And if that’s the case then summer is obviously the best time to go there.

Nesebar, Black Sea

The so called purl of the Black Sea has a long history that goes back at least three thousand years. Nesebar is considered the city with the most temples per resident, something of course which is a sample of the reach legacy of the Catholic Church. The ancient part of the city communicates with a man-built path which the people of the island have made to artistically show the tourists the cultural variation through time. 

The first part with the best island-cities you need to visit this summer ends here. But stay tuned for the second part and more destinations that you will definitely want to see.

Last Modified: Mar 26, 2019