Snapchat strikes back with new Spectacles

Snapchat (SNAP) announced on Tuesday its new Spectacels; the 2.0 version as people like to call it so far.

Snap’s new pair of camera-glasses will circulate at $149.99, but before going on any further details let’s review the previous version first; it’ll really help with the comparison, so that you’ll know which pair to go for.

The predecessor rolled out at $130 and was available on vending machines. It was available in coral, black and teal and weighted 14.4 ounces.

Although that was quite a smart and in a way ‘innovative’ marketing strategy, it turned out that after the initial wave of enthusiasm, people lost interest in the company’s first tech accessory, and as a result the company took a $40 million writedown due to excess inventory. It is worth noting however, that some people reportedly sold the glasses for as much as $900 on ebay.

Back then, a spokesperson of Snapchat stated that the company may have overestimated consumer demand, but that was a business mistake on the grounds that the product on its own turned out to be a trend. In addition, the company’s representative rushed to clarify that the company also wanted to gain real-life experience on hardware products out of this. Admittedly they acquired plenty of experience on that matter. The biggest achievement of them all however, was that people actually accepted camera-glasses as a trend for the first time. All other attempts have proven to be a splashy failure – yes, we’re nodding at you, Google.

Now, as for the new generation of Spectacles, they’ll be available in ruby, onyx and sapphire, weighing 16 ounces. When compared to its predecessor, the new pair of camera glasses has a clear advantage in nearly every aspect. It can take pictures in addition to recording video, whereas the 1.0 was stuck in the video realm. Both videos and pictures can be taken at HD analysis while the uploading speed – on Snapchat, app – has been enhanced and can sometimes reach speeds of even 4 times faster! What’s more the newer version is also water resistant.

Warning people. Read again. It’s water resistant! That one can’t be stressed out enough. It seems that these days people tend to not be able to tell apart what means for a device to be water-resistant or waterproof accordingly.

So here it is. Water-resistant means that your pair of glasses can totally withstand a rainy day or some water spilled on them. But they would have to be waterproof for you to wear them while taking a shower or when diving underwater. Summer is coming and you’ll probably take plenty of pictures on the beach or on your camping site, which is next to a beach. So please keep in mind that you may need to be a bit more careful with your delicate Spectacles 2.0 than you thought.

Speaking of Snapchat’s upcoming camera-glasses, this time you’ll find them not only on vending machines but on the company’s website as well.

If you were a fan of the first generation then by all means, get psyched already! Why, you ask? Well, at just $20 higher, you get a wildly improved newer version of the Spectacles, which comes with HD, more delicate and compact size, photo taking capabilities and higher uploading speeds. So clearly you should be asking ‘why not?’ instead.

Now, if you were sceptical on the 1.0, then perhaps you need to re-think about 2.0 too. Truth be told, there are many people out there who find the entire concept of wearing a camera on your glasses a tad banal. Let’s admit it, it’s just too bulky for some. And it only looks good on ads, where all models have angle-shaped faces and a solid color background behind them.

In any case, make sure you think this through. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Spectacles? Let us know in the comments below!

Last Modified: May 3, 2018