LG launches the OLED unbreakable screens

LG has established a very decent flagship (the LG G4) and recently we saw a new powerful smartphone from the company (LG G Flex 2). Now LG seems to be ready to move on to the next big thing that will keep the audience satisfied, the new OLED technology unbreakable screens.

It is about an innovation in the screens industry, which allows the manufacture of unbreakable, flexible screens with the use of materials that are created based upon plastic.

So far, all the flexible screens that have appeared from time to time to the markets are made out of components that are based on glass, something that allows the screen to bend by 75 mm maximum. LG Display on the other hand, wants to take that limit further by 30 mm which is why the company decided to go with plastic instead of glass.

Now, it might give you the idea that the use of plastic would lower the device’sappearance or quality but before you jump to any conclusions keep in mind that LG is known for its design and the company has proved more than once that when it comes to quality they are not joking. So chances are, the plastic based materials will be hardly recognizable so the design will not be worsened. As for the quality, that remains to be seen.

The company’s goal is to create resistant screens that do not crack or crumble when the device meets the floor.

Beside the quality of the case and the design, some other more crucial questions are raised concerning the energy consumption and the image quality that such screens would have. As for the brightness, unfortunately, glass screens are way better than the plastic ones.

When it comes to the cost on the other hand, plastic screens get a point especially to low-cost devices.

According to various estimations, LG is not going to stop to smartphones, but it will use the OLED technology to other devices as well, such as smartwatches, tablets, computer screens, even TVs. At the same time, as the company has mentioned, their goal is to have created a computer with a folding screen by 2017.

That is indeed a goal hard to achieve given that the timeline the company has set is only 2 years! However if the company achieves its goal (and we honestly hope it does), this breakthrough would open new ways to entertainment, and many more fields, something that would also give LG the lead against its competitors that do not seem to have such goals for 2017.

The first OLED technology screens are expected to circulate within July, and we await their arrival. The most interesting part will be not to check out the screens individually, but also the devices that they are attached on, to see in what cased LG’s choice was a good idea and in what cases it was not. July is already here so that leaves with less than a month. We will definitely hear from LG about the new OLED technology screens. Until stay tuned to read all the latest news on this and many more hot topics!

Last Modified: Apr 12, 2019