Apple's iPhones 8 & 8 Plus (PRODUCT) RED Edition are available

Apple recently introduced the mid-cycle iPhones 8 and 8 Plus (PRODUCT) RED Special Editions. Apart from the bold red colour on the back, there’s not actual difference from their older counterparts, in terms of technical specs.

What’s interesting – and fortunate for most – is that Apple didn’t make last year’s mistake; for those of you who need to refresh their memories, there was a public outcry last year when the (PRODUCT) RED iPhones 7 and 7 Plus where white on the front. Let’s just say that it wasn’t the best stylistic option possible. Hence, this year’s red special editions are black on the front; and that’s definitely more like it.

In case you’re wondering why Apple has started a tradition of mid-cycle special edition iPhones that come in red colour here’s some history for the record. The last 11 years the company has established an amazing collaboration with RED and the two have given more than 160 million dollars to programs that fight AIDS in Africa. The main goal is to create a world where people know about this virus only through books.

Now, before Apple anti-fans rush to blogs to report Apple’s cunning marketing strategies, keep in mind that the said collaboration is ongoing for nearly a decade; yet the biggest part of consumers worldwide learned about it last year for the first time, through the special editions. And all that comes at the same time when the Cupertino giant proudly reported that it’s business is now operating on 100% clean energy on a global scale. That’s up 4% from last years percentage, while the number of the company’s partners who produce Apple’s products on clean energy also rose to 23.

Even if that is part of a grand scheme to attract more consumers, it seems like a win-win situation. And for a company of such large scale, the impact is major at the very least.

Back to the products however, it struck as a bit of a surprise that Wozniak’s colossus did not release a special edition for the iPhone X as well. Why that is, no one can know with certainty. But still, it must have something to do with the phones sales. After all, let’s not forget that Apple cut down the number of iPhone Xs it was planning on ordering and Samsung – who was providing the screens for the model – still has a warehouse full of screens that don’t fit on any other phone. And all that happened earlier this year.

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Combine that, with the fact that the special editions seem to be coming out on the third quarter of every fiscal year; which incidentally is also the weakest for smartphone makers. The result is probably Apple’s decision to play it safe. On the other hand, the company was crystal clear on the very first official introduction of the iPhone X. It is a commemorative device to celebrate 10 years of iPhone history. That could count as a valid excuse too, you know.

In any case, the two (PRODUCT) RED models, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, are are already available both on Apple’s Online Store and every Apple Store around the world. So, if you were waiting for the right moment to get your iPhone 8 this is it!

Last Modified: May 3, 2018