8 Unknown Tree Houses

Although most tree houses are located in beautifully scenic parts of the world, deciding to stay in one is definitely not for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of heights.

1.     Cedar Creek Tree House – Ashford, Washington:

Located 10 miles by car from the Nisqually River entrance to the Mt. Rainer National Park and bordering the Gifford Prichot National Forest, The Cedar Creek Tree House is an Earth-friendly, privately owned mountain retreat about 50 feet above the ground in a 200 year old Cedar tree. Featuring an observatory, overseeing a beautiful landscape, it is the perfect setting for honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, and birthday celebrations.

2.     Tree Houses of Korowai and Kombai – West Paupa:

About 150 km inland from the Arafura Sea, the Tree Houses of Korowai and Kombai range in height from six to 12 meters, with some as high as 35 meters above the ground in Banyan trees. The Korowai and Kombai people believe these tree houses ward off evil spirits and annoying neighbors.

3.     Green Magic Tree Houses – Vythin-Kerala, India:

Located in Wayand, the tropical paradise in Kerala, India, the Green Magic Tree Houses are featured within a peaceful, serene rainforest 85 feet above the undergrowth below among giant Ficus trees. You will be mesmerized by the enticing jungle view and the sunrays peaking through the delightful foliage.

4.     The Gibbon Experience Tree Houses – Bokeo, Laos:

Suspended high approximately 100 feet above the jungle floor in northwestern Laos, the Gibbon Experience Tree Houses have all the comforts of home, including toilets, showers, and a kitchen. However, are you prepared to sleep in a place where a small platform is the only thing separating you from a long fall to the ground?

5.     Rooftop Tree House – Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Recycled fruit and vegetable crates, held in place by guy wires, were used to construct the Rooftop Tree House above the 12-story Amsterdam Museum of Modern Art. Featuring 360 degree views over the Dutch capital, it is approximately a 164 foot drop to street level.

6.     Takasugi-an Tea House – Chino, Japan:

Tea lovers in Japan may just enjoy this tea house built on top of two chestnut trees cut from a nearby mountain, which features an atmosphere of bamboo mats and a fireplace. The name Takasugi-an literally translates to “built too high.” Visitors may just agree with that translation after having to climb free standing ladders, only to find out the structure sways back and forth and the tea is brewed over an open flame.

7.     DIY Tree House of Yesteryear – Located Unknown:

While no one has any idea where this tree house is located, its rickety, aged design could mean it has stood the test of time and has provided children of all ages a challenge to climb to it for the added fun of dangling their feet off of the side.

8.     Beach Rock Tree House – Okinawa, Japan:

A domed design, built with the purpose of communicating with extra-terrestrial life, the Beach Rock Tree House is the “plexiglass portal to the universe,” built high above ground in the Okinawa Forest.

So there you have it. 8 beautiful destinations for you to go on your next vacation!

Last Modified: Nov 18, 2015