5 secret rules for Disney employees

In case you wondered how does it feel to be a Disney employee, the real answer might be weird? We cannot say that it is bad, because we don’t know. We also don’t know their management styles or if their employees are happy with the job they have, but one thing is for sure, working for Disney empire is much different than so many other jobs. Sure, you get to slip into the costume of one of your childhood heroes such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy or Donald Duck, but there are certain things that you, as a Disney employee have to know and do. So if you are thinking of getting a job at Magic Kingdom, take a look at this bizarre list of rules you have to follow:

1.     Beware of the kids, they ask tricky questions. We’re just kidding. The first secret rule on this list is: There is no “I don’t know”. If someone asks you a question, you have to know the answer. Saying “I don’t know” is just inappropriate. That’s why staff members are given extensive trainings in order to prepare them to give correct answers. In case they really don’t know the answer, they are required to phone an operator and find out what the correct answer is.

2.     One of the most important things in Disneyland is- you are not an employee. Technically, when you find a job, you are an employee, but not if you found a job at Disneyland! In Disneyland, you are a cast member. And no matter what position you have, from the characters to the janitors and ride operators, you are all cast members now. Well, it is a Magic Kingdom, what did you expect? We just hope their salaries are not so magical as well…

3.     Never, ever break character. So once you become a cast member and your job is to wear costumes in the Magic Kingdom, you must never take off that costume or become yourself again, not even for a second. Each character has its own voice but also, interests, likes, personality and background story! And finally, you have to be able to sign autographs in the style of your character, and you are given training to be able to do it perfectly!

4.     Ready for more bizarre Disney rules? Never point just one finger! Yup, the cast members at Disney World are not allowed to point using one finger. There are two reasons for this: the first one is that in some cultures pointing with one finger is considered rude. And the second reason might be that using two fingers makes it easier for kids to see. So there you have it. Two reasons for not using one finger. It’s kind of easy to remember, don’t you think?

5.     There is only one way to pick up trash in Disney World. Every single cast member in Magic Kingdom is required to pick up trash whenever they see it. However, they cannot just stop and pick the rubbish from the floor. Oh no, stopping and bending is not allowed. So when a Disney worker sees trash somewhere, he or she is supposed to gracefully pick it up using a swooping motion! We’re not sure how this is supposed to look like, but we guess there is a special training for that as well.

Still want to work on Disney? Think about those 5 secret rules you have to follow the next time you do!

Last Modified: Nov 4, 2015