4 Things you didn't know existed

The world is full of new, smart, extraordinary – and sometimes very strange – innovations. Some are widely known to the public, while others remain unknown by most consumers thus failing to do what they were made for…make our lives easier! But no need to worry. Here are 7 things you didn’t know existed but are quite cool

1)    Deus Ex Aria

No, it's not the name of a new game or even an accessory for a Square Enix game, but it does veer close to the topic of seemingly hi-tech devices. As a device, Aria is actually quite simple, either a Bluetooth clip or a watch strap. But in action, it gets pretty complicated. Almost like magic, it allows you to control your smartwatch just using finger gestures, freeing your other hand's fingers for other tasks. And since smartwatches these days connect to and control almost anything and everything, your fingers can control those as well. “Deus Ex Aria is the technology that allows you to interact with your electronicswith simple finger gestures” says on the product’s official site.

2)    CleverPet

CleverPet is a connected platform that lets you provide the mental stimulation your dog craves, even when you can't be there” (kickstarter).  Using scientifically proven techniques, it adapts to your dog’s needs offering various interactions that grow more challenging as your dog learns how to do things. It has three sensitive touch pads which light up and are designed for your dog’s nose or paws. Your beloved pooch then ‘wins’ food for touching the pads with CleverPet adjusting as the dog learns. Over time, CleverPet adjusts to activate particular pads with the dog being rewarded for touching the correct pad and solving the puzzle. You can even record your own voice to encourage them. Think of it as like Simon Says,but for dogs.

3)    Saberforge

This one is actually more for the nerd-like consumers or the fans of Star Wars that want to always keep a constant reminder of what they love the most. With SaberForge, custom prop-maker Phillip Isherwood is Kickstarting what's easily the coolest Star Wars crowd-funding effort we've seen since the Kickstarter for the actual Death Star. Isherwood is creating a LEGO-style mix-and-match approach to customizable lightsabers. He calls it the Adaptive Saber Parts system, and it is awesome.The Adaptive Saber Parts system lets fans pick out and order their own lightsaber hilts—choosing different hilt sections, pommels, and more—and blade colors, with an outrageous number of options for each part. For example, you can chose from no less than 17 different LED-illuminating colors. (To our disappointment, though, none are Mace Windu purple.) All the parts are interchangeable, and their aesthetics are pure, undiluted Star Wars.

4)    Vufine

This product goes under the category “wearables” and it is considered by some few people who are aware of its existence, that it is a fine replacement of the Google glass.It looks quite similar to Glass, but sounds much simpler to use. Instead of containing computing components, it's just a wearable display. In other words, it projects whatever's on your phone's screen onto your glasses, like a heads-up display. Like Glass, only you can see it. It can be used like a picture-in-picture display, so you can watch Netflix while you're strolling down the street, or read text messages and emails as they come in. Fire up Google Maps, and the directions will appear in your vision, so you won't have to take your phone out of your pocket.The downside? It's even uglier than Google Glass. No one thought something like that was possible.

Last Modified: Nov 18, 2015