3 Most expensive movies ever made

Movies continue to thrive in the entertainment industry. Despite the fact that Netflix and other streaming services are dominating the cable market, they haven’t taken too much away from the movie theatres. At the end of the day, people still want to see a blockbuster film on the big screen, the way it was meant to be seen. Certain movies just don’t translate well from an IMAX sized screen to a 42 inch flat screen.

Movies that are specifically made for the big screen tend to have the most astronomical budgets. Chances are, you have seen at least half of the movies on this list in theaters, since most of them were also the biggest money-making movies of all-time.

Most of biggest budgets ever thrown into a movie are very recent. If the oldest movie on this list was an actual person, they would barely be old enough to start school. Movie budgets will continue to grow, so this list will most likely change in the future. For now, which 3 movies spent the most money to shoot? Here are the 3 most expensive movies ever made.

3) Tangled ($258 Million)

Disney princesses have made a furious comeback as of late, and the revolution started with “Tangled” in 2010. We haven’t seen much of Mandy Moore in recent years, but she voiced Rapunzel in the film and people suddenly remembered 1999. Not only did people like the movie (90 percent positive reviews), but it made a decent sum of money. The $200 million gross in the United States was a bit of a disappointment, but worldwide it made almost $600 million. The success of this movie would open up the door for the infectious “Frozen” in late 2013. With 2015 right at the door, kids are still singing the songs from “Frozen”, while there are a few stragglers singing songs from “Tangled”. I guess it’s obvious which one kids liked more between the two.

2) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($250 Million)

There are a total of eight Harry Potter films in the series, but it was “The Half Blood Prince” that ended up being the most expensive. This was due in large part to the final film being split into two, which lowered the production budget a little bit. “The Half Blood Prince” is the sixth movie in the series, and it raked in over $930 million worldwide. The reviews on the film were solid, with one critic going as far as saying that it was “emotionally satisfying”. That seems like a very odd thing to say about a Harry Potter movie, but to each his own. It’s strange to see just one Harry Potter movie on this list, but this is it, the most “emotionally satisfying” of all.

1) Spiderman 3 ($260 Million)

We never got a Spiderman full length movie worth mentioning until “Spiderman” with Toby Maguire. It was a solid foundation for the webslinger’s story, and the sequel, “Spiderman 2”, naturally, was great. So how excited was everyone for the third installment, one that featured Venom? Probably a bit too excited. The only way to describe the reaction to “Spiderman 3” would be initial denial. “Yeah, that was pretty good,” said a lot of people coming out of the theatre. Then on the drive home they suddenly remembered Peter Parker spinning around and pointing at people with his hair dyed black and thought, “Dear God, that was stupid.” The excitement was enough to get the money from the audience, as it pulled in $890 million worldwide to create an enormous profit.

Ever wanted to make your own movie, even as a hobby? You might want to think about it again.

Last Modified: Nov 18, 2015