Wilfred Frost

Wilfred’s Biography

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Wilfred Paradine Frost is a British commentator and journalist who was born on the 7th of August in the year 1985. Wilfred was born in London, England to late TV host, Sir David Frost, and Lady Carina Fitzalan-Howard. Wilfred has an elder brother named Miles and a younger brother known as George. In August of 2013, Wilfred’s father, David Frost, died of a heart attack while on Queen Elizabeth’s cruise ship. Similarly, Wilfred also lost his elder brother at the age of 31 in 2015 to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Wilfred became famous as the commentator of the British Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in May 2018.

Wilfred was educated at Oxford University where he earned a degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics in 2008. Upon graduation, he was settled in London where he served as fund manager for Newton Investment Management. He gathered 5 years experience in finance and decided to begin work with CNN and ITV News as a broadcaster, freelancer and reporter. Subsequently, Wilfred began to work as co-anchor for CNBC's Worldwide Exchange in 2014. The program was first aired on CNBC London studio but was transferred to America later on.

Wilfred also had to relocate to America where he began to co-host the show from the global headquarters. He also worked with NBC News and MSNBC to cover the crucial Bretix decision in 2016. During this period also, he reported for CNBC. In 2018, Wilfred became a co-anchor on a daily show on New York Stock Exchange, Closing Bell. Being learned in finance, Wilfred also handles banking and finance on CNBC’s Business Day show. The TV Personality has a way of keeping viewers captivated which may be founded on the basis that his father was also a prolific broadcaster during his time.

Wilfred’s enchanting looks, talent, creativity, inquisitiveness, and lovely accent all contribute to his outstanding success in broadcast journalism. Following the death of his father and brother, Wilfred was speculated to have inherited this genetic disorder. As a result, he co-founded Miles Frost Fund as a means of creating awareness on hereditary heart ailment. The fund does not just create awareness but ensures that people get their hearts tested for early diagnosis of any heart disease.

Nationality: Wilfred Frost is British and has his hometown in London, England.

Wilfred Frost: Salary

The 6 ft 5 inches CNBC co-anchor earns a salary of about $650,995 while his net worth is yet to be disclosed.


On the question of whether Wilfred is married with children or divorced, the answer is negative. Wilfred appears to be so engrossed in the media world that he does not have time dedicated for romance. Wilfred is not married and has never been married. Also, he does not have children and does not have any girlfriend at the moment. He believes that being single adds to the fun of residing in New York. Thus, he is enjoying his single life and making his mark in the media world.

25 Feb, 2019