Victoria Spader’s name hit the airwaves as a result of her initial marriage to her ex-husband James Todd Spader, an Emmy award-winning actor. She was born as Victoria Elizabeth Kheel and will be turning 58 years of age on 1st June. As recorded on her IMDB biography, Victory also goes by the nickname Vicky and whose height is approximately 5' 4" (1.63 m).

Personal Life

During the period she was the wife to James Spader, Victoria became the mother to two cute children and has not had others ever since the divorce. Victoria’s two children are named Elijah Spader and Sebastian Spader – their second names were derived from their father, Spader. Also, Victoria’s last name Kheel is derived from her mother’s, Lee Kheel.

Although Victoria’s and James’ relationship is mainly characterized by the issue of the divorce, one of the most fascinating facts about them is that they dated for a period of 11 years before making the ultimate decision of getting married. However, this comes as a shocker since from such a long dating period, it is expected for the couple to have created a bond and intimacy level that is profound and unbreakable. But love, as they say, is mysterious; therefore, our lips remain tied as it relates to the matter.

However, since Victoria Spader’s history cannot be told without a mention of James Todd Spader (despite their divorce), we thought it wise to include some key details of James’ biography as well. James Spader, born in 1960, is the son of two teachers; Stoddard Greenwood and Jean Fraser. However, surprisingly, despite being brought up by parents who were teachers and in the prestigious Phillips Academy, James dropped out while at eleventh grade. After which he bused tables, taught yoga and shoveled manure, before undertaking his first roles.


Due to the greater heights Victoria’s ex-husband, James Spader, has reached as it relates to his career endeavors, James’ career credentials overtake those of Vanessa Spader. James first major breakthrough with regards to playing film roles came at a time when he played in Endless Love, a romance drama, as the brother to Brooke Sheild. He again played the scoundrel in Brat Pack Films, which marked his graduation from television movies.

Moreover, he was the sexual voyeur in Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Under the role of sexual voyeur, he complicates the lives of certain Baton Rouge residents. However, his most renowned role was on The Practice, a television series in which he featured as Alan Shore – a colorful attorney as well as in the Boston Legal (2004).

With a $10 million net worth, James Spader has three Emmy Awards to his name in the drama category of Best Actor. This followed his playing of the same character in two distinct television series; that is, as Alan Shore in the two series “Boston Legal” and “The Practice”. In addition, reprising this role brought him many other accolades including a number of nominations in the Screen Actors Guild Award Best Actor as well as a Golden Globe award.