Victor was born on 7 February 1973 and he was born in Calgary in Canada. The name of his father is John Webster and his mother’s name is Roswitha Webster. It is known that his father worked as a police officer and his mother worked as a hair stylist. His childhood was spend in Canada with his parents and he had no sibling.

There is no information available about his schooling but it is known that he often got into trouble because of his mischievous behaviour. His parents enrolled him in Martial Arts classes so as to concentrate his energies to something productive. It is known that since an early age Victor was interested in acting and he worked in several school plays.

It is known that because of the martial arts classes that he took, he decided to work as a martial art teacher but that was only until he completed his graduation. After completing his graduation he choose a different career path and he started working as a stock broker and at the same time he started working on a project which involved import and export of the goods. Victor was featured in 1998 edition of All About men and after being featured in the magazine he started looking for a career in TV industry.

In 1999 he was lucky to get a role in Days of Our Lives and in 2001 he got to work in Mutant X. the series was widely loved by the fans and it helped channel in increasing the TRP. In 2002, Victor was featured in People Magazine and he was among the list of 50 Most Eligible Bachelor. Next year, in 2003, Victor worked in Bringing down the House and he also got a role in Sex and the City. The show was broadcasted on HBO and the show has viewers all around the globe.

In 2006 he was offered a role in Charmed and later in 2009 he got offer to work in criminal Minds. He also worked in movies like Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. In total he worked in over 55 movies and TV shows and he had been really successful in his new line of business.

Victor has not been married yet and hence there is no information available about his wife either. It is also speculated that he is a gay but he never came clear about his sexual orientation. There are several other rumours about him but he chooses not to discuss his personal life in media. He had been single until now and he never revealed anything about his girlfriend or boyfriend either.

As mentioned earlier, Victor is quite secretive about his life and he never disclose his annual salary. There is no information about his net worth either but looking at his fan following, it is estimated that he has a huge net worth. He also has a huge number of followers on Instagram and twitter.