Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz is a former American professional football player. The young athlete plays as a free agent now.

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Victor Cruz age

Victor Cruz was born as Victor Michael Cruz on 11th November 1986 in Paterson, New Jersey. Victor is 33 years old.

Victor Cruz biography

Victor belongs to an African-American family. Victor’s father, Michael Walker, used to be a firefighter. Victor’s mother’s name is Blanca Cruz. Victor belonged to a middle-class family and spent his childhood in Paterson. The neighborhood of Paterson was unsafe for a child but Victor managed to stay out of trouble. Victor was interested in pursuing his dream of becoming a professional football player. Victor was also very fond of dancing in his childhood. Victor used to take dancing lessons from his grandmother when he was 11 years old. Victor’s grandmother was a professional dancer.

The football player liked salsa dance very much. Cruz used to do a salsa move as a celebration after touch down during the game. Other than football, Victor was also interested in basketball when he was young. Victor joined the Paterson Catholic High School in the year 2000. Cruz focused on football during his time at school. Victor had great help and guidance from Benjie Wimberley who was the coach of his high school football team. Victor excelled in football and became a very good player as a wide receiver. Victor also performed very well at the defensive back position.

During his senior year at high school, Victor led his high school team to a great streak of victory in the season in 2003. Victor performed well during the whole season and score 19 touchdowns. With 19 touchdowns and 42 passes, Victor became the highlight of that year. Victor got admission offers from several universities because of his great performance. Victor was also selected to play football in New Jersey in the North-South All-Star game. Cruz went to Bridgeton Academy in Maine and trained there for a while. Later, Victor went to join the University of Massachusetts.

Victor’s performance was not very impressive during his final year at university. Victor was not selected in the NFL draft of the year 2009. In the year 2010, Victor was selected by the New York Giants. Victor debuted in the pre-season game. Victor could play 3 games during the whole season 2010-11 because of a hamstring injury. In the year 2011, Cruz performed really well and became one of the best players on the team.

Did Victor fill the shoes of a free agent?

In the year 2013, Cruz started to play as a free agent and signed a contract with the New York Giant for one year. Later this contract was extended. In 2017, Victor signed a contract with the Chicago Bears.

Victor’s nationality and net worth

Victor is an American national and his net worth has not been revealed yet.

Is victor married? Is there any news about his divorce?

Victor was engaged to Elaina Watley and the couple has a daughter. There is no confirmed news about Victor's marriage to Elaina but it was rumored that Victor and Elaina are no longer a couple.

01 Mar, 2019