Vic celebrates his birthday on 10 February and he was born in 1983 and he was born in San Diego in United States of America. The name of his father is Victor Fuentes and Victor’s mother’s name is Vivian Fuentes. It is known that his father worked as a musician and at present he works as a painter.

Vic also has 4 siblings out of which three are his step brothers and step sisters. Vic completed his schooling from Mission Bay High School and he later enrolled himself in San Diego State University. He got a degree in graphic design from the university. His childhood was spend in California with his parents.

Vic started his career at an age of 15 and he did several music shows. One of the famous song includes King for a Day. His band had to be renamed because of copyright violation and the new name of the band was Before Today. Vic was a part of the band for two years before the band decided to split because of non-cooperation of members. Later in 2007, he recorded another song with Pierce the Veil and the songs became really popular.

Vic recorded another two albums with the band and the name of the albums were Collide with the Sky and Selfish Machines. It is known that Vic went on a tour of Australia, Europe, South America, North America and even Asia. The band did several such tours and participated in several musical festivals. It is known that he also worked with Cinematic Sunrise.

It is also known that Vic was also involved in song writing as this was also one of his passion. One of the most popular song he wrote was Bulls in the Bronx and the song was added in Collide with the Sky. The song was highly popular among the youth at that point of time. Another song he wrote was I Don’t Care If You Are Contagious and this song was added in selfish Machines. It is said that one of the fan inspired Vic to write this song. It is said that his songs had a somewhat healing effect and that helped his fans in relieving anxiety and depression. Vic also appeared on some of the shows on TV and his appearance was restricted to guest appearance only.

It is known that he has a girlfriend and he is in long term relationship with Danielle Perry. She is known to be the cover model of an album known as Black Market. They do not have any plans to get married as of now and the couple doesn’t have any children either. The salary of this 34 year old superstar is not known but his net worth is estimated to be 5 Million US Dollars. Vic has a lot of fan following on Instagram and snapchat. He often uses twitter to share some quotes as well.