Veronica de la Cruz

Veronica de la Cruz Age and Career

Veronica de la Cruz was born in the year 1980 and she is American television news anchor and a philanthropist. From the year 2014, De La Cruz, was working at KPIX/KBCW in San Francisco Bay Area where she worked like a news anchor.

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Before, she was working for CNN and NBC News. Keeping in the memory of his brother, she formed the Eric De La Cruz Hope for Hearts Foundation to offer assistance to the patients who got heart transplant.

Veronica de la Cruz New job

Veronica de la Cruz started her career, when she worked as a reporter and anchor of NBC affiliate found in Yuma in Arizona. She was working like morning and mid-day anchor and was doing live shots and producing package for 5pm and 6pm newscasts. While working at KYMA-TV, De La Cruz was covering different stories of the issues about the U.S and Mexico Border, migrant farm workers plight and nurses shortage.

In the winter Olympics of 2002, she interviewed Sasha Cohen who was a figure skating hopeful. She was also the producer of the homeless series but left the station after sometime for her new job. She continues to work as a volunteer from time to time.

Veronica de la Cruz was a host of the show called SonicNet/Digital Planet and she was conducting many interviews with different artists. They include The Roots, Eagle Eye Cherry, Vertical Horizon and Hoobastank. Other work she did, included to work like a host and a reporter of Eruptor Entertainment called Living Giant. She was covering international music scene.

Veronica de la Cruz joined CNN in the year 2003 and in the year 2007; she moved to work at headquarters of the company found in Atlanta. She was in charge of live coverage of breaking stories like tsunami of Southeast Asia, former President Ronald Reagan’s Death, Hurricane Katrina and Hezbollah-Israeli conflict.

In the year 2008, during the consumer electronics show of Las Vegas, De la Cruz interviewed the keynote speaker who was Bill Gates from Microsoft and it was few months before his retirement. Veronica de la Cruz was born from an Asian mother and she likes to report about Asian Americans. She left CNN in the year 2008 and started to work at NBC/MSNBC. She was working at Early Today and on first Look at MSNBC and was a correspondent of NBC News.

Veronica de la Cruz was born in the city of Northern California; however, she grew up in Canada. Her father is a Jewish and the mother is of Filipino and Chinese background. While growing up, she was a figure skater, but she suffered injury which ended this career.

Veronica de la Cruz Boyfriend

Veronica de la Cruz does not talk about her private live and it is not clear if she is married yet or has a boyfriend, however she has a son called Hartley Eric.

Veronica de la Cruz Education

There is no information about Veronica de la Cruz’s education


24 Nov, 2018