Trevor Jackson 

Trevor Jackson is a renowned actor and as well as a singer. He is also very popular for his instrumental music and different types of vocal talents.

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Trevor Jackson was born in the year 1996 on August 20st. He was brought up in Indianapolis from his childhood. He was the child of Kevin Jackson and Cam Baxter. He also had two elder brothers. His father was a basketball coach and trained three of his sons to be a basketball player in the future.

Unlike his two brothers, he had no interest in playing basketball. He was inclined more to the entertainment industry than to sports. He used to watch the musical shows on the television and also went to the musical concerts. He wanted to pursue singing but his father was strongly against it. He tried to console his mother to allow him pursue his musical career. From the age of eight years old, he started pursuing his passion with music.

He started taking music lessons from his teacher and also did many local stage performances. He also groomed himself for national level performances as these performances needed a different type of body language. He started doing national performances from the age of twelve only. He achieved a lot of fame at a very young age. He also learnt dance to match his personality while singing on the stage.

He started his career with The Lion King and achieved a lot of popularity. After this, in the year 2010, he appeared on the television show Cold Case. At first, he made a guest appearance in the show as a popular teenager. He also participated in the television show Harry’s Law. His performance in the show was so good that he won the award of the Young Artist Award for Best Performance. He played the character of Willie Blue in that television series. Later, due to his huge popularity, he got the chance to take part in the television show Austin & Ally which was aired on the Disney Channel.

His huge television success fetched him the opportunity to play a notable role in A Beautiful Soul, a popular film. He played the character of Kris McDuffy in the film Let It Shine. He performed the role with his co-actor Tyler James Williams. The film was completely based on music and song writing which inspired him a lot. His notable appearance in Sons 2: The Grave, fetched a huge popularity.

He recorded his first single with the Atlantic Records in the year 2012. The single was named “Like We Grown” and was released in the year 2013. His fans eagerly waited for him to come up with some new songs so he collaberated with some of the popular production companies to release his new singles. In the year 2014, he released his remix single named as “Drop It” where he did a rap. In the year 2015, after getting huge success, he joined the cast members of the team, American Crime. He played the character of Kevin Lacroix.

01 May, 2018