Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt is a well-known American singer, actor, and songwriter. Travis has earned a fair share of fame throughout his singing career. Travis has also achieved numerous awards. Travis Tritt was born as James Travis Tritt on 9th February 1963 in Marietta, Georgia. Travis is nearly 56 years old.

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Travis Tritt Biography

Travis Tritt was born to James Tritt and Gwen Tritt. Travis has been interested in singing since his early childhood and wanted to pursue his career in singing. Travis was a gifted and talented child. In a very young age of 8, Travis got his first guitar. Travis learned to play guitar on his own and started to perform in the church. Travis’s talent got him famous in his school. The young singer joined a church band in his teenage.

Travis attended Sprayberry High School to complete his education. During his time at high school, the young singer started to write songs. Travis recognized his talent of songwriting when he wrote his first song “Spend a little time” after the breakup with his girlfriend. Travis established a bluegrass group with his friends to play in local tournaments. The group got the second position in a local tournament.

Travis’s teenage years were not so easy. Travis has done various jobs to support his career in singing. Travis’s parents got divorced and he went to work at a furniture shop. Later, Tritt also worked in a supermarket as a clerk. He used to play in clubs to pursue his dream while working part-time in an air conditioning company. All the hardships during his teenage couldn’t keep Travis away from music. Travis’s parents got remarried when he was 18 years old.

Travis kept on working hard. Finally, Travis was given an opportunity by Danny Davenport who was a Warner Bros. Records executive. Travis started recording demos with the help of Danny Davenport. Danny sent those demo albums to Warner Bros. Travis Tritt was signed by Warner Bros. Records in the year 1989. Travis also worked with other records and earned a huge success.

Which of Travis’s songs got immensely popular?

Travis released an album which was titled “It’s All About to Change” in 1991 which contain 4 songs. All of the songs of that album were listed in the top 5 songs on the charts of country music.

Travis Tritt on YouTube

Travis’s songs are very popular on YouTube too. Almost each of his songs has got millions of views on YouTube.

Does Travis go on singing Tours around the country?

Travis regularly goes on singing tours around the country and his tours attract a great number of people.

Is Travis Married? Who is his Wife?

Travis has been married three times. Travis’s first two marriages didn’t work out well and he has gone through divorce twice. Travis is currently married to Theresa. Travis got married to Theresa Nelson on 12th April 1997. Travis and Theresa have two children together.

Net Worth

The net worth of Travis Tritt is estimated to be around 35 million dollars.

03 Mar, 2019