Tracy Needham 

Tracy Needham is an actress and she is of American nationality. She is well known because of the role she had like Paige Thatcher in the Live Goes on and he took up the role in the second up to the fourth season. He was also in first season of the JAG together with Lt Meg Austin in the year 1995 until 1996. He was the inspector named Candace DeLorenzo on The Division in 2001 until 2003.

According to her biography, Tracy Needham was born in the city of Dallas in Texas. This is where the father was a homebuilder. At the age of eight, the family moved to live in Denver in Colorado. The job of the father made sure that the family would be moving back or forth between these two cities. At the eighth grade, she was already tall with 5 and 11 inches. This is when the teacher told her that she will look too tall at the stage and decided to work on the technical crew.

When she finished her high school, she traveled to Australia and Europe and then went to Los Angeles where she studied acting and she auditioned for different roles. Her debut in TV shows was with Jake and the Fatman. After attending some few classes, she got Paige Thatcher role, the big sister at Life Goes On and it was the beginning of the second season of the series.

When she was still growing up, she would jump into the football game and she wished to be treated in the equal manner and did not want to have the boys wanting to take easy on her. Afterwards, when she joined acting, she would use this experience of being stronger but at the same time feminine. Meg Austin was in the first season for JAG. It is the female star of the military action and adventure series. She played the Navy Judge advocate who was also the expert in computer weapons.

She got married and her husband is Tommy Hinkley. They have a child named Katie who was born in the year 1999. Before getting married, the two had been together for some years and they continue to be loving towards one another. Her salary per year is around 400,000 dollars and she has a net worth of 4,000,000.

Tracy Needham grew up as an only girl in the family that had four children. When she appeared on the stage for the first time, she learnt how to develop the confidence and how to be comfortable on how she looks. Since the family lived in both Denver, of Colorado and Dallas of Texas, she was attending Cherry Creek High school of Denver and then Plano Senior High school of Texas. She got discovered by an agent while at a gas station.