Tony Stewart'S

Tony Stewart is one of the most recognised stock car professional racers in America who retired after gaining immense praise and awards in the field of stock car racing by winning many championships. He also owns a team of NASCAR.

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Personal Life

Tony Stewart took birth in the city of Columbus located in Indiana on the date 20th May, 1971 with the name Anthony Wayne Stewart given to him by his parents Nelson and Pam Stewart. His parents are divorcees and they separated when he was still in high school. He was brought up along with one elder and one younger sibling in Columbus. His younger sister, Natalie, is married and has 2 kids.

He completed his schooling from the Columbus North High School situated in Indiana in the year 1989. He gave up on further studies and started attending racing classes as he knew he was a born racer because he won all the racing competitions held in high school. As he became a famous racer, Tony earned the respect and heart of many women who wanted to be associated with him and he remained in the highlights by having on and off short term relationships with many of them like Krista Dwyer and Tara Roquemore until recently before proposing to Penelope Jimenez in the November of 2017.

He found his lifetime partner in the former model of Playboy Playmate and they have decided to get married soon in 2018. Stewart has been involved in a court case related to the death of a fellow racer during a race as his car hit the other racer while he was on track. This incident was purely an accident as the other racer should have stayed in his car after it hit the wall and he was exonerated with no charge against him.


Tony Stewart knew he wanted to be a racer as soon as he tasted victory in the first ever race he took part in when he was 8 years old. In1987, he joined the World Karting Association and won their championship. Then he followed his dream and ventured in the world of midget car racing and earned fame and sponsors by winning their championships.

The racer became a part of the United States Auto Club (USAC) in the year 1991 and he was the first one to ever win the Triple Crown in all the 3 different divisions of racing in the USAC. He was determined to move up the ladder in great racing organisations like NASCAR and Indy Racing League and he started racing in the championships held by them in the year 1996 and 1997 and won them almost every time he drove the car gaining titles.

He then moved to the business sector after buying teams and many cars and race tracks which are sponsored by him in the racing world. He retired from the professional racing in the year 2016. Tony has always been a great philanthropist and he founded the Tony Stewart Foundation which is a charity group for raising money and supporting children suffering from terminal illnesses. His net worth calculated in the year 2017 is estimated to be around 70 million US dollars.

17 Feb, 2018