Tomica Wright

Tomicha Wright is a very renowned personality of the industry. She is the proud founder of the company Tabu Records. She has also worked with the Motown Records.

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Personal life

Tomicha Wright was born in the year 1969. We could not trace her exact date of birth from her biography. She was brought up in Los Angeles, California by her parents. She was the only child of her parents and when she was only five years old, her parents got divorced. As both her parents worked, nobody could give her enough time. She usually stayed with her mother but as she grew up, Tomicha used to visit both her parents weekly. But after a certain period of time, when both her parents got involved in extra marital affairs, she had to stay with her foster parents. She became independent from a very young age as she has grew up alone most of the time.

Tomicha has developed many interests as her hobbies from childhood. She inherited the interest towards music from her mother. Tomicha’s mother was a great musician and also excelled in instrumental music. Tomicha has developed a keen passion towards instrumental music. She has completed her high school education in San Fernando Valley. In high school, Tomicha was an active member in the music group.

Besides taking part in many music competitions, Tomicha also formed a musical band with some of her high school friends. She played both the roles of a singer and as well as an instrument player. Besides music, Tomicha was also very good in academics. She showed extreme concentration towards studies and sports. As a student, Tomicha was very interested in subjects like Economics, Maths and Accountancy. Though she loved music, she never thought of taking up music as her profession.

Wright always wanted to establish herself in the business world. After completing her high school graduation, Tomicha went to the Santa Monica College. Later, she got the chance to go to the West L.A. Community College to pursue a major degree in business studies. She was awarded a scholarship while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in college so she did not have to pay any fees for her course.

Tomicha is quite open regarding her personal life. She was previously married to Eric Wright, which was a popular name in the music industry. The couple has dated each other for a period of four years. They were also blessed with a son and a daughter. When their children were three and five years old respectively, Eric passed away.

As they did not share any marital relationship, Eric’s property was equally divided between his business partners and five girlfriends including Tomicha. Along with that, Tomicha also took the charge of his record company, Ruthless Records. She had to come across several problems when she was trying hard to take Ruthless Records to a higher level. Tomicha is now a successful business woman and owns a high net in millions, though the exact amount is not known to us yet.

01 Feb, 2018