The famous actress’s birth name is Teresa Ruth Castillo. She took birth on 14th of October in 1983 in Long Beach in California. She is a multi talented girl and her fields include singing, dancing and acting. She does a brilliant work and first appeared in 2012 as Sabrina Santiago in General Hospital.

Her parents have three daughters and she is the youngest one. She started singing and dancing at a very young age and later on decided to make her career in acting. She used to perform in her high school and learned dancing at the girls dance school. Thus, acting, singing and dancing are places where she excels.

Her biography tells us that, Castillo worked with Shane Aaron at Disneyland. The two very soon became very good friends and started seeing each other. Aaron later became an event planner. Aaron and Castillo dated for four years from 2004 to 2008 and then decided to tie matrimonial bonds together. The perfect two got happily married in 2008 and now have two children.

On 29th May 2014, Victoria Milani, a baby girl took birth and in 2016 Sebastian James was born. The couple has immense love for pets, the family looked incomplete, so they decided to have a fifth member in the house, A dog of Cooker Spaniel breed named Lady.

Teresa is very famous when we talk about Disney movies. She played the lead role in Princess Diaries and also Princess Jasmine of Aladin. The girl has huge fan following all over the world. Her beauty and body language are just like a queen or a princess and that’s why she was meant to be one. Little girls all over the globe idolize Teresa in some or the other way.

After Disney, Teresa decided to work for Television shows and hence became a part of popular TV series like How I met your mother and Bones. From 2011 to 2016 Teresa’s career kissed the skies. These were the golden years for her where she worked in Mamitas, Cold Case, 90210, CSI: Miami, Bones, iClarly, Eagleheart, The secret life of the American Teenager, Franklin and Bash etc.

Teresa is a beautiful face we have today, she is 5’5” in height with perfect black cascading hair and shiny dark brown eyes. In various interviews, Teresa talks about how she keeps herself maintained, the idol also shares her personal life with her fans through social media like instagram, twitter, etc. She snapchats regularly about what is going on in her professional and personal life.

She is a lady who knows very well how to handle her career as an actress and her home life as a perfect mother. She started earning at a very young age, not every actress now and then earns so much in this small span. Teresa lives a hectic life and receives offers for many serials. She has also worked in many commercials like Clean and Clear, Chevrolet and McDonalds. Google says that Teresa’s net worth is in millions.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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