Tallulah Belle Willis

Getting to Know Tallulah Willis, Her Bio

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The City of Los Angeles, California saw a beautiful Tallulah Belle Willis or ‘Lulah’ being born on February 3, 1994. She is the daughter of the two famous celebrities, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She is both an actor and designer. Her parents got divorced when she was younger. He stayed with her mom but the good relationship with her father was maintained. She’s the youngest child of Demi and Bruce.

Known for her beautiful eyes, Lulah also has a well-maintained figure of 33-29-34. At a young age, while enjoying her success in acting she decided to put up her own business in designing and makeup. She is doing and promoting her work online in her own website.

Tallulah admitted herself in a rehab facility

Talking about her personal life, Lulah has been sharing her struggles with how she looks, alcohol and drugs. She went to a rehabilitation center for 45 days. She told Vogue in an interview that she realized one day that she needed to take care of herself. Lulah said that herself was her worst critic. She was diagnosed when she was 13, with body dysmorphia. She used drugs when she was in college when she felt depressed.

The actress posted a photo on her Instagram account holding alcohol and cigar with a caption telling everybody that she’s been sober for 3 years and that she is moving to a new path and changed. She admitted in an interview with Allure that the journey wasn’t easy. Lullah's goal to change was challenging. When she came out from the facility, she felt like she was born again. She learned to be gentle to her self and accepted her flaws.


How is Tallulah as an Actress?

Lulah has done few films and appearing in episodes in television series. Some of her movies were The Whole Ten Yards, Bandits and The Scarlet Letter. He also appeared in episodes in Entertainment Tonight, Tyler Shields: Provocateur, Dancing with the Stars, and Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope. With her fame and clothing business, she is said to have a net worth of more than 1 million US dollars.

Who is Tallulah’s Husband? Is she Married?

Lulah has not married. Her dating life has been published and known to fans. She is in a relationship with Lucas Vercetti since 2012 when Lulah was 18 years of age. They started dating on March 14, 2012. They seem to be one of the favorite couples of the paparazzi. There were numerous photos of them taken while in public places. The two have shown the public how they love each other. However, the couple decided to break up.

Both parties didn’t confirm the breakup but Lulah was seen with, allegedly new boyfriend, Morgan McDonald. There were photos of them together in Pinterest and in Lulah’s Instagram account. Rumor has it that the two were married when paparazzi noticed a gold ring on her finger. She even addressed Morgan as “husband” and a “family” in some of her posts in her Social Media accounts. However, these are rumors and assumptions as the two never confirmed the marriage issue.

17 Nov, 2018