Susie Mcentire

Susie McEntire is a very talented women who is famous worldwide for her singing skills and great voice. She is a very famous CCM singer who is well known for her solo album Chase the Wind. She was married to Paul Luchsinger whom she later divorced.

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Her real name is Martha Susan McEntire. She was born in Chokie in the state of Oklahoma in the country of United States of America. Her father Clark Stephen McEntire was a manager in local bank. Her mother Jackie Smith McEntire was a housewife. She was born on 8th November 1957 and is currently 60 years of age.

She has three siblings all being famous musicians in their fields. Their names are Pake McEntire, Alice McEntire and Reba McEntire. Her ethnicity is white and her citizenship is American. Her birth sign is Scorpio. Susie McEntire has got a great height of Five feet and six inches and a good figure of 34 30 38.She has a blonde hair colour and has got blue eyes.

Susie attended her high school from Oklahoma state university and her graduation was from the Alpha South College. She was interested in playing guitar from a very early age. She loved music and it later became her passion. She also loved dancing and listening to jazz music. She also loved playing violin. Susie was in her high school dancing team. She developed love for music at a very tender age seeing her elder sister successful career. Susie began travelling around the world with her sisters in their music concert. Her sisters earned a lot of popularity as a singer.

She started her singing career from the album Heart to Heart alongside her sister in 1981.She then sang her solo album name Real Love, which was a mediocre success. She then sang Raised on Gospel, ‘Come as you are, Raised on Faith and many more which earned a very well response. She sang her last album Chase the Wind, which earned a well known response. Since then, she had not released any new album or song. Her fans are waiting for her to sing again but she now shows no interest in singing.

Susie McEntire met Paul Luchsinger, a famous rodeo cowboy back in 80’s in a party. The duel then started dating each other and got married in the November 1981.The couple enjoyed a happy married life for few years and then later got divorced in 2008.Their marriage lasted for 28 years. Paul Luchsinger later died due to cancer. She had 3 children with Paul named Lucchese Ed and Samuel.

Susie later got married to fitness professional Mark Eaton. She now travels around the world spreading spiritual knowledge, talking about health and fitness and spreading awareness about diseases. The couple has not got any children together. Susie’s net worth is estimated to be around six million dollars, which she earned around by her singing career and her divorce proceedings. She is quite active on social media and has social networking accounts on facebook Twitter and snapchat. She even has got a website by the name of

09 Jan, 2018